Free TV Calls For Ad Tech Transparency
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Free TV Calls For Ad Tech Transparency

Free TV is calling for ad tech transparency. It's also calling for a Bardot reunion, however, Sophie Monk is not buying.

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Asite And Zoom Form Collaboration
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Asite And Zoom Form Collaboration

Asite has announced that Zoom, the cloud-based video conferencing tool being used by millions around the world, has been...

?stanbul, Turkey - August 28, 2017: Woman using smart phone on a wooden desk. The smart phone is an iPhone 6 plus displaying Twitter application.  iPhone is a touchscreen smartphone developed by Apple Inc.
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Study: 45% Of COVID-19 Tweets Sent By Bots

Study finds 45% of CV-19 tweets sent by bots. As in robots & not Springboks as initially & mistakenly reported on B&T.

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