Video Marketing 101: Make The Most From Your Campaign

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The business case for using video in marketing material is well and truly established. The human brain processes video faster, recalls it for longer etc.

You’ve heard it all before. But what you haven’t heard is how to make your video stand out from the crowd, and more importantly, how to make it count.

When done right, video can be an extremely effective tool capable of reaching audiences – and potential customers – far and wide. But when it goes wrong, it is nothing short of a waste of money.

So how can you make sure you get it right?

As Bill Gates said all the way back in 1996, “content is king”. And while this statement still rings true in many facets of marketing, when it comes to video there is so much more to keep in mind.

Video is about knowing what to do once the content is live. This could be using video to engage with and convert prospects or maximising the reach of a video to ensure a solid ROI.

Ultimately, video is about movement. Moving images and moving a customer towards the outcome.

Luckily for any marketer looking to move their customers with video, provider of cloud services for video Brightcove has compiled an eBook with all the lessons it has learned from clients and their video campaigns.

The Video Marketing Master Class is your definitive guide to leading, converting, retaining, maximising and scaling with video.

To get all the information, click here for your copy of the eBook.


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  • Zed Elliott 8 months ago

    So, I’ll address the elephant in the room. This article, which is really an ad for Brightcove, is asking us to download an ‘ebook’ about video! Why isn’t it a video?

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