The Trade Desk Teams Up With Amnet For Sanitarium’s First Programmatic Connected TV Campaign

The Trade Desk Teams Up With Amnet For Sanitarium’s First Programmatic Connected TV Campaign

Global adtech platform The Trade Desk and programmatic platform Amnet have shared results from their recent connected TV campaign conducted on behalf of Sanitarium.

The campaign objective, led in collaboration with Dentsu’s media agency Carat, was to build brand awareness and drive sales of Sanitarium’s liquid breakfast product Up & Go.

To reach the target demographics of 18 to 35-year old ‘young transitionals’ and 25 to54-year-old grocery buyers, Carat and Amnet advised Sanitarium to focus on a strategy of programmatic connected TV, video streaming and digital audio advertising, with tightly controlled frequency capping to ensure no single consumer was overwhelmed by advertisements across devices.

Powered by The Trade Desk’s proprietary trading system, which uses bid factors rather than line items to ensure dynamic and flexible bidding optimisation, the campaign strategy proved a success.

To date, the campaign has reached 10 percent of Australian connected TV households, totalling nearly 240,000 different dwellings. The frequency of the campaign came in at 1.30, showing the effectiveness of The Trade Desk’s new IP targeting capability.

This was the catalyst for Sanitarium to take advantage of the largely untapped format and overcome an industry-wide issue of not being able to apply a centralised frequency cap across multiple broadcasters.

Mitch Waters, general manager for Australia and New Zealand at The Trade Desk, said: “We were delighted to partner with Amnet and Sanitarium to deliver these outstanding campaign results.

“Buying connected TV programmatically is still in the early stages in Australia, but it’s [the] way of the future.

“To be the first agency to run a CTV campaign programmatically shows Amnet’s strong focus on innovation, and indicates that both the agency and the advertiser are at the forefront of understanding the capabilities and effectiveness of our technology.”

Pete Davis, national advertising and media manager at Sanitarium, said: “Up & Go is popular with a younger demographic, and we need to reach these people where they are consuming content. That means connected TV, video streaming and audio.

“Buying this inventory programmatically has the dual advantage of precise demographic targeting and ensuring we derive the maximum value from our marketing dollars.”

In another first for The Trade Desk, Amnet and Carat, Sanitarium was able to deliver targeted ads during a live-streamed sports event – the Rugby League World Cup on C7.

“Additionally, as a brand it’s important for us to ensure we are never overwhelming people with advertisements, which has traditionally been an issue with connected TV,” Davis said.

“The Trade Desk solved this issue with their ability to use probabilistic data to frequency cap occurrences of our ads across devices.”

Indy Khabra, national managing director for Australia and New Zealand at Amnet, said: “The campaign results have exceeded all expectations, which I attribute to a truly collaborative effort between Amnet, Sanitarium and The Trade Desk.

“We are pleased that our client, Sanitarium, empowers us to work with exciting new technologies to drive the best results.”

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