Introducing Sam, Mamamia’s New AI-Powered Programmatic Audio Offering For Brands

Introducing Sam, Mamamia’s New AI-Powered Programmatic Audio Offering For Brands
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Mamamia has officially launched Sam, a dynamic AI-powered voice trained on hundreds of hours of Mamamia podcasts. Sam unlocks programmatic audio advertising across the network for the first time with close-to real time turnarounds.

With 79 per cent of women trusting recommendations made by Mamamia, according to our latest ‘State of Women’ research – and the impact of traditional radio programmatic audio ads known to drive a weaker outcome for brands than host-read ads – Sam gives brands an innovative opportunity to get the best of both worlds: the ability to trade programmatically, with all the benefits of a familiar podcast voice.

“We know over 70 per cent of listeners find host-read ads more effective than radio ads, so we’ve never taken radio ads across our network. We’re incredibly protective of our audience and we want the best outcomes for our partners. Sam allows our client and agency partners to tap into the benefits of a host-read ad, but with programmatic turnaround times. We’re excited to be at the cutting edge of audio,” said Luca Lavigne, head of product.

“AI is at the core of the Sam voice, but human oversight remains imperative to ensure the maintenance of high quality standards. Sam frees up our talented creators and producers to focus on what they do best – crafting brilliant content and working on more bespoke integrations for our partners,” said Jessie-Lee Klass, podcasts content director.

“Brands will still be able to access Mamamia talent as part of our premium programmatic offering. However the introduction of Sam allows for a streamlined production process, quicker turnarounds, and more creative variations for partners who want to tap into the unparalleled engagement we have with our podcast audience,” said Bel Cook, head of audio sales.

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