Cannes In Cairns Delegates Called Upon For AI Reef Challenge

    Cannes In Cairns Delegates Called Upon For AI Reef Challenge

    Cannes in Cairns, Presented by Pinterest, delegates are being urged to turn their eyes into a force for good to help protect the Great Barrier Reef. Delegates can engage in a huge citizen science project by analysing images from the Great Reef Census. And there’s a prize too!

    Cannes in Cairns, Presented by Pinterest, is pleased to partner with Citizens of the Reef on a groundbreaking initiative that combines the people power of our event delegates, with artificial intelligence and science.

    Working with the conservation organisation, which is on a mission to help protect the world’s reefs, we are calling on this year’s attendees to sign up to a challenge like no other – The Great Reef Census.

    The census collects tens of thousands of images from hundreds of reefs across the Great Barrier Reef each year, but needs people from across the world to help identify what type of coral, and how much of it, they can see on these images.

    This is where Cannes in Cairns delegates can help and their progress will be tracked on the official Cannes in Cairns leaderboard, which is now live.

    The person (or organisation) that clocks up the most time analysing images will win a free trip to Green Island.

    Surrounded by white sandy beaches and the beautiful coral gardens of the Great Barrier Reef, Green Island is an idyllic coral cay located only 15 nautical miles offshore from Cairns. 

    Travelling with Big Cat Green Island Cruises on a semi submersible or glass bottom boat, the winner can choose between resting on the beach or indulging in some of the many activities available.

    It’s vital that people sign up through the dedicated link above to ensure progress is tracked on the Cannes in Cairns leaderboard, and not the public leaderboard.

    By taking part and signing up to view and identify photos of the reef, delegates will be providing crucial and timely data to scientists and marine park managers on the health of the reef. 

    Join other delegates in helping analyse images from the Great Barrier Reef, and by doing so provide vital data to scientists and marine managers that can help deliver conservation impact on surveyed reefs! 

    The Great Reef Census is aiming to get thousands, if not millions, of eyeballs from all over the world looking over 25,000 images.

    Below is a step-by-step guide that explains the project, how to identify the different types of coral and how you can take part.

    Sign up now and start analysing:

    Citizens of the Reef is the charity partner for Cannes in Cairns and its conservation work will feature in the Cairns Convention Centre as well as through the Reef Magic charter trip that takes place on Friday, 7 June. 

    The Reef Unlimited’s Reef Connect program gives people the opportunity to get involved in the Great Reef Census and become a conservationist for a day.

    Attendees can register for the free trip here, as part of Cairns Extra: 

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