ASB Dismisses Claims KFC’s Plucka Duck Ad Presents “Danger To Children”

ASB Dismisses Claims KFC’s Plucka Duck Ad Presents “Danger To Children”

KFC made a clear direction change in its latest ad campaign where it focused on experience and customers over deep fried chicken, but the ad featuring Plucka Duck skating down a gnarly hill copped criticism for inciting “dangerous” behaviour.

The Advertising Standards Board received a complaint from a viewer who believed this kind of advertising would encourage younger children and reckless teens to engage in risky activities.

“I am objecting to this ad as Plucka Duck is a human dressed in a costume and I think skateboarding on a road is dangerous where a person can get killed if and when a car comes,” the person wrote.

“The ad may have made it safe for him to do, but youngsters will go out and copy him as he is an icon for them. It is presenting a danger to children and young teenagers alike.”

The Advertising Standards Board has gone right ahead and deemed this complaint ludicrous, dismissing the grievance against KFC’s “finger lickin good” marketing campaign.

“The board considered … the depiction of a large duck skateboarding is unlikely to encourage people to copy its actions,” the advertising watchdog ruled.

“Plucka appears to be confident and in control of the skateboard at all times.”

In response to the complaint, KFC assured the aggrieved viewer that the ad came with a warning that said it was filmed under supervised, controlled conditions by a professional stunt performer.

Colonel Sanders’ takeaway joint also rejected suggestions the ad would encourage young hooligans to participate in dangerous or illegal behaviour.

“The visuals of the duck character riding down a hill on a skateboard are deliberately intended to be fanciful, exaggerated and humorous,” KFC said.

“The scenes in the advertisement are so unrealistic that it is highly unlikely that viewers would replicate or mimic Plucka Duck’s actions in real life.”


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