Sandilands Labels The Bachelor’s Matty J “A Cancer Stricken Girl”

Sandilands Labels The Bachelor’s Matty J “A Cancer Stricken Girl”

Unflappable shock jock Kyle Sandilands is clearly no fan of this year’s The Bachelor, Matty J, using his KISS FM radio show this morning to describe the 30-year-old as looking like he had cancer and resembling an “11-year-old girl”.

Clearly Kyle likes his men with a little more meat, telling co-host Jackie O that he thought Matty J (whose real name is Matthew Johnson) looked unwell, underweight and he’s “not that big of a deal” in the looks department.

“I know you like that sort of ‘got cancer’ look. You know, they look like they’ve got cancer, lost all that weight?” Sandilands raged.

“You can tell the guy’s got no game. And he’s weird, too — he was a little confrontational with some of them. Not in an aggro way; in a dick way. The guy’s a dick, you know what I’m saying? They’ll say something and you could take it one way or another — he’d always take it the negative way. What a dick.”


Sandilands then went on to attack the host of the show, Osher Gunsberg, firstly calling him by his old name of “Andrew G” before belittling the two: “Andrew G and Matty J, god, they sound like lovers. When they were standing beside each other looking like two pencils on TV last night I though, when did a man looking like an 11-year-old girl become sexy?”

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