'Like-for-like' TV and online video ad metric

'Like-for-like' TV and online video ad metric

Adap.tv has integrated Nielsen’s Online Campaign Ratings (OCR) into its new tool, matching online video ad measurement to that of TV.

Nielsen’s OCR is now leveraged in Adap.tv’s new In-Target Audience Optimisation tool which offers a Gross Ratings Points (GPR) for online video advertising.

GPR is the traditional TV broadcast audience measurement metric.

Phil Duffield, managing director of Adap.tv Australia, said: “The key to driving widespread adoption of online video is to ensure that digital can speak a language to which TV buyers can relate.”

The new tool provides clients with more data to ensure they are reaching their target audience. If an ad does not reach the target audience the client does not pay for it.

Paul Fisher, media managing director for Nielsen in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, said: “GRPs, a measure of how many people were reached by an ad campaign and how often are the ‘primary metric’ used for buying and selling for many advertisers.”

“Using the same metric for online video ads makes it straightforward for TV buyers to relate online to TV, with which they are already familiar.

“This should encourage more fluid, multi-platform spending by ensuring a clear sight of whether advertisers’ campaigns are reaching the right audience.”

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