Coles ‘Little Shop 2’ App Smashes The Charts Via Deloitte Digital

Coles ‘Little Shop 2’ App Smashes The Charts Via Deloitte Digital

The surprise smash mini grocery collection of 2018, Coles Little Shop has returned for 2019 with 30 new collectables and an accompanying Augmented Reality dancing game, via Deloitte Digital.

The game is already proving popular, becoming the number 2 family game for iOS and becoming the top trending app on Google Play.

Developed by Deloitte Digital, the Little Shop 2 App game brings the joy of finding Little Shop ‘minis’ to life, through an AR dancing platform and includes every brand from the 2019 collection represented by their own digital dancing ambassador.

To unlock a unique dance character, players just have to collect their Little Shop 2 Minis in-store, then scan them with the app to bring them to life on their own phone.

Every character has their own unique combination of dance moves as part of the first-of-its-kind game in which the player can place, control and interact with the real world, while competing for a high score.

The game has already proved incredibly successful across the app charts and is making the popular miniature collectables even more exciting to fans of Little Shop.

Moreover, the game features a share function, allowing players to create shareable dance videos along the way.

Chief Marketing Officer, Coles chief marketing officer, Lisa Ronson said: “We have created this app to inspire our customers and help make their weekly shop more fun and engaging.

“We were overwhelmed with the popularity of Little Shop last year with customers telling us how much they loved collecting, swapping and sharing with their family and friends.”

Ronson added: “This year we wanted to take the campaign on a digital journey and create fun little dancing characters that our customers could unlock with their smartphones using the iconic mini groceries they’ve collected.”

Deloitte Digital chief creative officer, Matt Lawson said: “For fans, this is an great little game that brings the miniature world to life.

“For Coles, this is a content generating platform.

“The games become shareable music clips that act as ads for Little Shop 2.

“Through AR, the world is now a dancefloor, so hopefully we see many more dancers busting huge little moves across Australia.”

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