Australian Start-Up CIMET Seeing Exponential Growth

Australian Start-Up CIMET Seeing Exponential Growth

CIMET is helping businesses generate more revenue from their existing client bases.

CIMET, Australia’s first white-label comparison service, has seen exponential growth in 2018.

Launched in February last year, CIMET offers any brands looking to generate more revenue from their existing customer base a free comparison tool to customise and set up on their website.

Starting with energy, CIMET will expand comparisons to other key sectors that will be announced in the upcoming months.

The business model is new and unique.

Integrated in CIMET partners’ ecosystems, the tool allows end users to compare and switch energy plans for better deals, without leaving their website and within minutes. The service creates a new revenue stream for the partner at no cost and without need for extra work, and adds value to their users.

CIMET CEO and founder Ankit Jain said: “I believe we found a disruptive model that redefines the way services are marketed and sold to consumers.

“CIMET helps consumers generate savings and companies generate additional revenue at no cost.

“It is a win-win system, that is replicable with many services, and we are glad to see the market responding so positively.”

Businesses around Australia are already seeing the value in CIMET’s service, with the list of affiliate partners exponentially growing from 7 to 37 in only six months, and including brands such as FlatmatesFinders, EConnex, and Universal Business Team.

In 2018, CIMET’s tool achieved a staggering sales transformation rate of 20 per cent , with 180,000 users comparing energy plans, generating 50,000 leads across all partners, and 10,000 sales.

This growth is set to continue this year, as CIMET has generated 3,500 sales for its partners in January alone.

CIMET’s unique business model is participating to the Aussie start-up’s success: the service is free for partners to set up, and free for customers to use.

CIMET’s revenue is based on commissions from deals generated via the tool.

To make it as seamless as possible for businesses, CIMET handles the whole design and set up of the service for partners, and provides them with a dashboard to easily track commissions and rewards.

One example of CIMET’s implementation is the energy comparison page now available to FlatmateFinders users.

When moving, individuals are likely to revisit their current energy contracts, and can now compare them without leaving FlatmateFinders’ website.

Another customer of CIMET is Universal Business Partners.

Universal Business Team manager Australia & New Zealand Jay Nelson said: “Since collaborating with CIMET 6 months ago, we have had 600+ sales from the service on our website.

“We are also seeing increased engagement from our users, with an 85 per cent increase of time spent on our website.

“CIMET is truly generating new revenues through a service that is highly relevant for our customers and expanding their experience and journey with our brand.”

To evolve alongside its rapid growth and success in the local market, CIMET aims to grow its local employee base by 300 per cent, by the end of 2019.

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