Apple Closes Tech Loophole That Allows Police To Hack iPhones

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Tech giant Apple is updating its iOS software to disable police and authorities from being able to hack iPhones.

Law enforcement agencies often attempt to hack phones of criminals, as was the case in the US authorities attempted to get into the phone of a mass shooter in 2016, an action which was blocked by Apple.

According to the New York Times, Apple is now closing the tech loophole by disabling iPhone’s data port; the charging point where users plug in headphones, power cables and adapters.

As per the Times, “While a phone can still be charged, a person would first need to enter the phone’s password to transfer data to or from the device using the port.”

“Such a change would hinder law enforcement officials, who have typically been opening locked iPhones by connecting another device running special software to the port, often days or even months after the smartphone was last unlocked.”

The news of the software update is angering law enforcement agencies.

“If we go back to the situation where we again don’t have access, now we know directly all the evidence we’ve lost and all the kids we can’t put into a position of safety,” said Chuck Cohen, who leads an Indiana State Police task force on internet crimes against children.

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