Adobe Summit Day Two Announcements Extravaganza

Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen (L) explores the future of AI with NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang during Adobe Summit at the Venetian on Wednesday, March 28, 2018, in Las Vegas. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Invision for Adobe/AP Images)

Adobe’s mega marketing party, Summit, continues in Las Vegas and B&T was there to field this swag of announcements from the tech giant.

Adobe Launches Experience Cloud Device Co-op

Over 60 Global Brands Participate to Enable Reach Across 1.8 Billion Devices

Marketing to people as they move from one device to another – from a desktop at the office, to a smartphone on the train, to a tablet in their home – continues to pose a tremendous challenge to brands and marketers. Marketing to the device rather than the consumer has been standard practice – creating disconnected, impersonal experiences.

At Adobe Summit, Adobe today announced the general availability of the Adobe Experience Cloud Device Co-op: a network that lets brands work together to better engage consumers across devices and digital touch points, while protecting privacy and providing transparency. More than 60 global brands have joined the Device Co-op so far, giving these brands the ability to reach more than 300 million consumers across 1.8 billion devices in the U.S. and Canada.

Leveraging Adobe Experience Cloud and Adobe Analytics Cloud, the Device Co-op enables brands to deliver more personalised experiences across devices and apps at scale. To date, brands such as AllState, the NFL, Lenovo, Scripps, Sprint and Subaru are partnering to harness the collective power of connected devices to better serve their customers and prospects.

“The average consumer uses multiple devices each and every day. This has proven to be extremely challenging for marketers who are trying to create the best possible brand experience across the customer journey,” said Suresh Vittal Kotha, vice president, Adobe Experience Cloud. “The Device Co-op helps solve this massive challenge by harnessing the collective power across a community of brands. Currently, Device Co-op members are reaping the unique benefits of this community and we’re excited to open this opportunity to others today.”

“Adobe’s Device Co-op has been instrumental in lowering paid media costs by extending our reach to people who have already signed up for fantasy sports or have purchased GamePass,” said Aidan Lyons, vice president of fan-centric marketing at NFL.

“Meaningful engagement with our digital customers is top of mind in everything we do, and using Adobe Audience Manager and Device Co-op in tandem has returned tremendous results,” said Will Fraley, director of digital martech & analytics, Sprint. “Not only are our campaigns more personalized and consistent, but we’ve seen seven times the orders from our new retargeting campaign.”

How It Works

Device Co-op members provide Adobe with cryptographically hashed login IDs and HTTP header data, to enable connections across devices. Adobe processes this data to create groups of devices (“device clusters”) used by that consumer. Adobe then surfaces the links to devices known to a Device Co-op member in these device clusters through its Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, so Device Co-op members can better measure, segment, target and advertise directly to their consumers across all of their devices. At the same time, consumers benefit from better, more personalized and relevant brand experiences across their devices.

All of this is possible without disclosing the user’s identity among members. The Device Co-op does not share any identifiable data, such as name, email or phone number, or site visit data among its members, addressing a key privacy issue commonly associated with cross-device technologies. Specifically, Adobe Device Co-op protects consumer privacy in three ways: it provides consumers a single place to make choices on how their devices are linked together, clearly shares where their choices take place and presents simple friendly information about how Adobe brands use Device Co-op links to give them delightful and relevant experiences.

Integration With Adobe Experience Cloud

New Device Co-op capabilities introduced today and deeper integrations across Adobe Experience Cloud help give brands a clearer picture of each customer’s journey. Adobe announced that Adobe Advertising Cloud integrates Device Co-op functionality through the Adobe Cloud Platform to give advertisers an independent alternative for more effective targeting, attribution and measurement of advertising across devices. Customer intelligence capabilities in Adobe Audience Manager give Device Co-op members the ability to better segment and report using improved person, household and device views. And marketers can then provide the most relevant and engaging experiences across all customer touch points.

Adobe and NVIDIA Announce Partnership to Deliver New AI Services for Creativity and Digital Experiences

Collaboration will optimise Adobe Sensei for NVIDIA GPUs

At Adobe Summit, Adobe and NVIDIA today announced a strategic partnership to rapidly enhance their industry-leading artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technologies. Building on years of collaboration, the companies will work to optimise the Adobe Sensei AI and machine learning (ML) framework for NVIDIA GPUs. The collaboration will speed time to market and improve performance of new Sensei-powered services for Adobe Creative Cloud and Experience Cloud customers and developers.

The partnership advances Adobe’s strategy to extend the availability of Sensei APIs and to broaden the Sensei ecosystem to a new audience of developers, data scientists and partners.

“Combining NVIDIA’s best-in-class AI capabilities with Adobe’s leading creative and digital experience solutions, all powered by Sensei, will allow us to deliver higher-performing AI services to customers and developers more quickly,” said Shantanu Narayen, president and CEO, Adobe. “We’re excited to partner with NVIDIA to push the boundaries of what’s possible in creativity, marketing and exciting new areas like immersive media.”

“AI is the ultimate assistant – delighting artists with magical capabilities to further their creativity, and helping businesses of every kind to gain insights and efficiencies,” said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO, NVIDIA. “Our work with Adobe brings AI within reach for millions of individuals working in the creative and marketing fields, providing them with tools offering performance that was unimaginable just a short time ago.”

Adobe and NVIDIA have worked together for more than a decade on enabling GPU acceleration for a broad set of Adobe’s creative and digital experience products. This includes Sensei-powered features, such as auto lip sync in Adobe Character Animator CC and face aware editing in Photoshop CC, as well as cloud-based AI/ML products and features, such as image analysis for Adobe Stock and Lightroom CC and auto-tagging in Adobe Experience Manager.

The companies also plan to work on optimizing Sensei AI services for NVIDIA hardware in the cloud and at the edge, for improved performance and new capabilities. In addition, they plan to explore packaging and delivering easy-to-use Sensei AI services to NVIDIA’s ecosystem of developers. This includes services targeted at creative mediums, such as mixed reality, next-generation rendering like NVIDIA’s new RTX real-time ray-tracing technology, and other new immersive experiences.

Adobe First to Offer Analytics for Offline and Online Audio

Adobe Analytics Cloud Empowers Brands to Gain Deeper Insights into Podcasts, Streaming Music and Digital Books

The transformation to a mobile-first world is driving demand for digital audio. According to a new Adobe survey, the majority of consumers between the ages of 18 and 34 say their top three sources of audio listening are streaming music, music owned digitally and podcasts. From the creators to advertisers and marketers, audio comes with a multitude of challenges: high churn, increased competition with a rapidly expanding market size, multiple touchpoints and no way to accurately measure engagement both online and offline.

At Adobe Summit, Adobe unveiled Adobe Analytics for streaming audio, giving brands for the first time a way to gain deep insights into both online and offline audio. Already a partner to the ten largest media and entertainment brands such as CBS Interactive, Pandora, Spotify, Time Warner and Viacom, Adobe Analytics Cloud empowers brands to understand how a listener is interacting with podcasts, streaming music, audio books and more, to ultimately make informed decisions to deliver the best customer experience. With Adobe Analytics’ heartbeat measurement, real-time tracking provides an advanced level of streaming insights, enabling brands to capture vital metrics.

“With a crowded marketplace, and the ability to listen whenever and wherever, brands have been largely in the dark when it comes to understanding how audio is consumed. Marketers have been essentially gambling with their budget,” said Jeff Allen, senior director product marketing, Adobe Analytics Cloud. “No other analytics solution gives access to this level of insights for podcasts, streaming audio and digital books.”

New audio capabilities in Adobe Analytics Cloud include:

  • Understanding Listeners: Brands can measure if a listener finished the podcast or audiobook, if an ad was skipped, when drop-off is occurring and how errors like buffering impact the experience—regardless if the audio was downloaded, or live streamed. Adobe also enables brands to measure audio content regardless of the device and if a podcast or audiobook is listened to across different devices. Through Adobe Audience Manager’s Audience Marketplace, brands can connect to second and third-party data sources to understand user behaviour across partner brands or to measure their audience’s location, demographics or psychographics. These insights help audio publishers with recommendations, advertising and programming decisions, leading to a better consumer experience.
  • Ensuring the Best Audio Experience: With a plethora of choices for content, consumers can quickly change their mind, especially if the experience is underwhelming. Leveraging Adobe Sensei, the brand’s AI and machine learning framework, Adobe Analytics alerts a brand when an anomaly is occurring, like excessive buffering, and tracks the amount of time it takes between clicking play and the audio starting.
  • Monetise on Delivery: By capturing listeners’ content choices and behaviours, brands are better able to target consumers with ads and deliver a personalised audio experience to ensure listeners remain engaged. Brands can measure the ads that listeners have started and completed, if a dropout occurs, and where the audio ad sweet spots are within a piece of content. Through Adobe Audience Manager, brands can monetise their data assets in Audience Marketplace and syndicate their audiences to mobile centric ad delivery and content delivery channels throughout the advertising and marketing ecosystem.
  • Advancing the Connected Car: Automotive focused analytics, personalisation and ad capabilities give brands the ability to deliver unique in-car experiences. For auto makers and in-car app developers, Adobe Analytics ensures unique in-car experiences. Personalised playlists, en route recommendations and audio ads can be used to recommend and serve up different types of content. Brands can also be alerted instantly if an in-car voice interaction failed.

About Adobe Analytics Cloud

Adobe Analytics Cloud, part of Adobe Experience Cloud, is the core system of intelligence for the modern-day experience business. By enabling a rich understanding of offline and digital data through the lens of customer journeys, brands can make informed decisions and build loyal relationships. Adobe Analytics Cloud combines Adobe Analytics, the leading solution for real-time data insights and predictive analytics with Adobe Audience Manager, the leading data and audience management platform. With Adobe Analytics Cloud, anyone has the tools to close the insights-to-action gap, instantly creating value from data. Built on the Adobe Cloud Platform, which provides open APIs, a standard data model, and Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s unified AI and machine learning framework, Adobe Analytics Cloud enables modern intelligence teams to operate smarter and faster in capturing, rationalizing and understanding vast amounts of disparate data. Nearly two-third of the Fortune 100 turn to Adobe Analytics Cloud to address today’s digital challenges, with the number of customers more than doubling between 2014 and 2017.

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