Study: 100% Of Aussies Admit They’d Shame A Brand That Stepped Out Of Line

Study: 100% Of Aussies Admit They’d Shame A Brand That Stepped Out Of Line

According to a new study, Brands In Motion, conducted by Australian integrated communications agency, WE Buchan, 100 per cent of Australian’s would gladly publicly shame that brand if it stepped out of line.

You can read the full study here.

The global study, which looked specifically at the Australian market examined both the rational and emotional drivers that motivate customer choices in today’s evolving environment and found that in order to achieve business success brands must create deep connections at both an emotional and rational level with consumers in order to thrive and create momentum in an ever-changing marketplace. The study consisted of almost 5000 respondents in Australia.

The study revealed that:

•  83 per cent of Australians believe brands provide stability in uncertain times (versus China 89 per cent, UK 75 per cent, USA 81 per cent)

• Support for ‘cutting edge’ brands transcends their product offered. Some 67 per cent of Australian respondents believe that being ‘cutting edge’ — whether enabled by technology or inspired by it — leads to positive brand outcomes in areas that transcend product

• Of the eight brand categories surveyed across Australia (computing devices, smart home, automobiles, finance/banking, health and wellness, alcoholic beverage, tech and healthcare, just over half of the people (54 per cent) said they loved the industry

• But 100 per cent of people said they would gladly join in publicly shaming that industry if it stepped out of line.

•  Behaviours of executive leaders of companies in the health and wellness sector had the strongest influence over the decision to support the brand (60 per cent) which was also reflected in the German market (67 per cent) but less so in China (42 per cent) 

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