Radio Ratings: Ben Fordham Has Found His Stride & Takes Final Ratings Crown Of The Year

Radio Ratings: Ben Fordham Has Found His Stride & Takes Final Ratings Crown Of The Year

For those of us in the big smoke, 2021 was a letdown and a half. That said, while us plebeians were enduring lockdowns that dwarfed those of last year, ben Fordham began to dominate.

2GB continued its dominance over the Sydney market, with Ben Fordham retaining his number one breakfast spot, despite losing some listeners.

2GB soundly beat runner-up ABC Sydney, which saw a startling drop in listeners despite retaining its second-place from the previous year – though with the co-hosts saying farewell, it could be anyone’s game next year.

That said, WSFM claimed Sydney’s third spot this year, pinching it from KIIS106.5 which saw a slight dip in listenership, and subsequently lost its podium spot.
This is all despite the long-running Kyle & Jackie 0 Show retaining its breakfast show bronze with roughly the same listeners as last year.

In Melbourne, 3AW retained the first spot despite a surprising 2.3 drop, which saw decreased numbers for the station’s breakfast and drive programs, the latter of which, Drive With Tom Elliot, dropped an astonishing 3.3.

ABC MEL and GOLD tied for second place with 10.1, with both recording a decrease in overall share, while smoothfm claimed third with a listenership increase.

That said, all brekkie programs (3AW’s Ross and Russell; ABC Melbourne’s Sammy J, and GOLD 104.3’s Christian O’Connell) retained the previous years’ rankings. However, The Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show saw the biggest drop of 0.6

As previously mentioned, 3AW’s drive program with Tom Elliot retained the top spot despite dropping an astonishing 3.3, while GOLD 104.3’s Gavin Miller gained some extra traction, up by 0.2. ABC’s Drive with Rafael Epstein also saw a surprising drop of 2.6, despite claiming third spot.

In Adelaide, ABC continues to boast the most overall listenership, with MIX 102.3 following, and 5MMM and CRUISE 1323 tying in third with 9.9 each. ABC’s Breakfast with Ali Clarke took first place, increasing listenership by 1.6. While NOVA’s Kate, Tim & Joel continued its reign as the city’s number one drive show, despite losing some listeners.

Over in Perth, while NOVA continued its reign as king of the airwaves, with no change from last year’s share, ABC PER’s breakfast program with Stan Shaw nabbed the timeslot’s spot.

Finally, in Brisbane, NOVA saw a noticeable overall drop of 1.8, placing it third behind 97.3FM and 4KQ, with both its breakfast and drive programs dropping 2.4 and 2.6, respectively.

Read on for the rest of the results!


SHARE OVERALL (per cent)

First: 2GB (14.5, last 15.7. and down -1.2)

Second: ABC SYD (9.4, last 12.3, down 2.9)

Third: WSFM (8.8, last 8.1, up 0.7)


First: 2GB Ben Fordham Live (18.5, -1.3)

Second: ABC Syd Breakfast With Wendy Harmer and Robbie Buck (13.2, -2.7)

Third: KIIS 106.5 Kyle & Jackie O (10.8, +0.1)


First: ABC SYD Drive with Richard Glover (9.7, -2.5)

Second: smoothfm 95.3 Byron Webb (9.0, -0.5)

Third: KIIS 106.5 Will & Woody (8.9, +0.7)


SHARE OVERALL (per cent)

First: 3AW (16.6, last 18.9, down 2.3)

Second: GOLD 104.3 (10.1, last 10.9, down 0.8)

Second: ABC MEL (10.1, last 11.2, down 1.1)

Third: smoothfm 91.5 (8.0, last 7.0, up 1.0)


First: 3AW Ross and Russell (22.8, -1.5)

Second: ABC MEL Sammy J (14.0, -0.3)

Third: GOLD104.3 The Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show (8.60, -0.6)


First: 3AW Drive with Tom Elliot (13.0, -3.3)

Second: GOLD 104.3 Gavin Miller (10.9, +0.2)

Third: ABC MEL Drive with Rafael Epstein (9.2, -2.6)


SHARE OVERALL (per cent)

First: ABC ADE (12.2, last 11.3, up 0.9)

Second: MIX 102.3 (10.9, last 11.5, down 0.6)

Third: 5MMM (9.9, last 8.6, up 1.3)

Third: CRUISE 1323 (9.9, last 10.1, down 0.2)


First: ABC ADE Breakfast with Ali Clarke (17.4, +1.6)

Second:  FIVEaa Breakfast with David Penberthy & Will Goodings (12.6, -1.0)

Third: 5MMM Roz, Ditto & Loz (12.2 +2.1)


First: NOVA 91.9 Kate, Tim & Joel (12.7, -0.5)

Second: ABC ADE Drive with Jules Schiller (11.4, +1.0)

Third: MIX 102.3 Will & Woody (11.0, -0.2)


SHARE OVERALL (per cent)

First: NOVA93.7 (12.6, l2.6, no change)

Second: MIX 94.5 (12.0, last 11.2, up 0.8)

Third: 96FM (10.7, last 11.4, down 0.7)


First: ABC PER Breakfast with Stan Shaw (13.0, +2.5)

Second: NOVA 93.7 Nathan, Nat & Shaun (12.7, -0.4)

Third: MIX 94.5 Pete, Matt & Kymba (12.1, +1.2)


First: NOVA 93.7 Kate, Tim & Joel (13.4, -0.1)

Second: MIX 94.5 Carrie and Tommy (12.5, +0.1)

Third: 96FM Will & Woody (11.2, -0.6)


SHARE OVERALL (per cent)

First: 97.3FM (11.2, last 11.0, up 0.2)

Second: 4KQ (10.6, last 11.3, down 0.7)

Third: NOVA 106.9 (9.7, last 11.5, down 1.8)


First: 4KQ  (13.1) Laurel, Gary & Mark (12.0, same as last year)

Second: 97.3FM Robin & Terry (11.2, +0.9)

Third: NOVA 106.9 Ash, Kip, Luttsy & Susie O’Neill (10.7, -2.4)

Third: 4BC With Neil Breen (10.7, +1.4)


First: NOVA106.9 Kate, Tim & Joel (12.5, -2.6)

Second: 97.3FM Will & Woody (11.1, +0.6)

Third: B105 Carrie & Tommy (10.5, +0.9)

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