VMA Focuses On Skills And Training For Members

VMA Focuses On Skills And Training For Members
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The Visual Media Association (VMA) concluded its eight-week P.o.P (Power of Print) webinar series this week with a talk from David Barron, executive manager of Stakeholder Relations, Manufacturing Industry Skills Alliance (MISA) on the work MISA does to support skills and training in our industry.

The webinar highlighted industry’s needs for improving apprenticeship completion rates, retaining talent and supporting retirement transition. Currently, there is a major shortage of skilled labour in the visual media industry, which members identify as a critical threat to their businesses.

Given that the Australian workforce is ageing, attracting new talent is crucial for the industry’s future. “It has recently been found that over 34 per cent of the industry workforce are aged over 50 years and over. In 2006, this was 24 per cent,” commented Barron.

“Manufacturing jobs are not seen as an attractive choice for school leavers. Australia lacks a clear narrative on ‘what we do’, leading to a devaluing of manufacturing careers,” Barron furthered.

MISA envisions an empowered manufacturing workforce that drives the Australian economy. “We work towards supporting the manufacturing industry across a range of facets, including posing solutions to some of the industry’s most difficult workforce challenges at present. Beginning to recognise the particular challenges your own business is facing will help you navigate a plan in ‘future-proofing’ your workforce,” Barron concluded.

As the peak industry body, the VMA is strongly focused on skills and training, working on behalf of members to provide engagement and advisement with Registered Training Organisations, TAFE, Training Providers and Government bodies. We champion school leavers programs, skills, importation and assessment services, emerging talent programs, and national training reviews.

Kellie Northwood, CEO Visual Media Industry commented, “There’s clearly a challenge in retaining workers for as long as possible and sharing their knowledge along with bringing in a new generation of workers that can learn. By expanding diversity programs in business and moving business knowledge into onboarding programs, industry will see higher retention of staff and a more diverse cohort in the workforce.”

Business owners should use the webinar series to stimulate thinking around attracting and retaining talent. The previous webinars and Class Notes which are online for further viewing, provide practical steps that can be taken to face challenges that our industry face.

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