Plant-Based Meat Brand v2food Unveils First Creative Via HERO

Plant-Based Meat Brand v2food Unveils First Creative Via HERO

After appointing HERO as lead strategy and creative partner earlier this year, v2food, Australia’s leading plant-based meat company, has launched its first major campaign, ‘Taste-a-tarian’ to bring plant-based meat alternatives to the mainstream. This is a huge shift for the industry locally and is part of v2food’s multi-million dollar marketing investment in the category.

The campaign explores the humble family meal-time, once a moment for families to get together and share a meal without fuss. Now, family meals often come with an extensive range of ever-changing dietary requirements, dubbed ‘labelmania’, meaning that satisfying the whole family with deliciously tasty meals is often a difficult and daunting task.

The 30-second TVC, part of an integrated, cross-channel campaign, directed by Jesse James McElroy, will premier on 22 November during the Celebrity MasterChef finale, to encourage all Australians to identify as ‘Taste-a-tarians’. The new word will even be making it into the Urban Dictionary. With several quirky individuals sitting around the dinner table and mirroring Australia’s own family dynamics, from Flora the Flexitarian to Cody the Carnivore, there’s a character to represent even your fussiest family member.

Andrew May, chief growth officer for v2food, said: “The planet is currently facing a sustainability crisis and the time is now to adopt solutions that minimise our impact on the planet.

“The global population is forecast to reach 10 billion by 2050, feeding that many people would require a second planet’s worth of resources if we continue to eat meat at current rates. In Australia, we’re seeing people change their diets for a number of reasons including sustainability, health and ethical considerations. Whilst there are varying factors that drive consumers to seek out alternative food options, ultimately they want their meal to taste great, feel normal and be ‘everyday easy’.

“As Australians, we cherish meal-times and social occasions and it’s our goal at v2 to deliver great tasting food that satisfies every palate. Our ‘Taste-a-tarian’ campaign shows that v2’s range of plant- based protein products deliver that same meaty taste and makes meals easy, no matter your dietary preference. We can’t think of a better campaign launch to kick off our partnership with HERO, who delivered a fully integrated campaign across strategy, creative, media planning and media implementation.”

Adam Beaupeurt, HERO’s managing director, digital, said: “We’re thrilled to launch our first major campaign with v2food. By recognising that there is a need for a version 2 of the food system, v2food plays a pivotal role in changing the way we all think about meat consumption and food sustainably.

This is another brilliant example of media and creative integration delivered by HERO’s Borderless Creativity process – paramount to ensuring the brand entertains and connects with the 50% of Aussies who are looking at reducing their meat intake.”

In line with the ‘Taste-a-tarian’ campaign, v2 is also introducing its broader, long-term brand platform, ‘We agree to v2’. Developed by HERO, the platform reflects and represents an acknowledgement by the industry, community, brand and consumers of the changes needed in order to better combat two major elements of climate change: agriculture and consumption.

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