Fight For The Reef Launches Ad Campaign To Save The Great Barrier Reef

Fight For The Reef Launches Ad Campaign To Save The Great Barrier Reef

Environmental group Fight For The Reef has released its latest election campaign to raise awareness of the threats to the Great Barrier Reef and the 60,000 jobs and $6 billion tourism industry that relies on the reef.

The 30-second clip posted to Facebook shows Airlie Beach local and tourism business owner Nicole Graham and two of her children. “My family and I love the Great Barrier Reef so much we moved here – and made sharing its natural beauty with visitors our business,” Graham said.

In a media release, Australian Marine Conservation Society spokesperson Imogen Zethoven said “the future of the Great Barrier Reef has become one of the most important election issues in recent weeks.

“Are the parties contesting the election willing to deliver a healthy Reef that provides good employment and economic benefits or are we going to risk further damage and a strong reef champion?”

WWF-Australia spokesperson Nick Heath said last week’s revelation that the Reef needs an up to $16 billion rescue package was a turning point in the election.

“It is time for the main political parties to hit the reset button on their Reef funding commitments and step up to what is required. Australia has committed almost $13 billion to rescue the Murray-Darling Basin. The Reef deserves a similar-sized package.”

The group hope the campaign will stick in voters’ minds on July 2 when Australians hit the polls. Zethoven added: “Queensland seats have become critical this election and every voting Queenslander can make a difference. A vote to protect the Reef is a vote to protect jobs and the growth of the economy.”

Click here to learn more about the campaign.

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