Curated Content Announces Georgia Cohen As Head of Production In North America

Curated Content Announces Georgia Cohen As Head of Production In North America

Curated Content announces Georgia Cohen as the new head of production in North America for the agency.

As head of production, Cohen’s new role involves overseeing the agency’s video production services for clients across the United States and North America. Her responsibilities include project management, direction and the hiring and management of the freelance video production team.

“I am thrilled to be joining the Curated Content family as Head of Production in North America,” Cohen said. “One of my personal heroes, Joseph Campbell, once wrote that you must ‘Follow your bliss’ in order to live a fulfilled life. He was really onto something when he coined that phrase.”

Cohen is a creative professional holding both a B.A. and M.F.A. from Brown University. Cohen has experience as a working actress, as a fundraising volunteer in the non-profit sector and as a theater producer. Most recently, Cohen has spent the past year producing and story-editing an original documentary and podcast series called Make Belief.

“As an operations-minded creative producer in the entertainment industry, I’ve learned that the art of developing innovative content can be a bit like cracking a new code, jumping down the rabbit hole or solving a 3,000-piece puzzle. Where to start? Where to end up? What comes in the middle? It’s a three-act structure, to be sure.”

Throughout her experience, Cohen has relied on the power of curiosity, listening, innovation and critical thinking to guide a creative team toward solutions that will meet a client’s desires. She wishes to use her experience to tell powerful stories about people, products, corporate and non-corporate entities and artists at Curated Content.

“It all comes back to a very exciting challenge: What is the story we want to tell, and to whom? How will we reach them? These are the same questions that make Curated Content such an exciting company to work for; this is the backbone of the agency. I’m really looking forward to expanding our network of unique and passionate creatives out here, as the talent pool is enormous.”

Cohen will be working under Associate Director Adam Wiggins. “We’re thrilled to have someone with such a diverse and extensive background leading our production projects in North America,” said Wiggins. “Georgia’s addition to the team furthers Curated Content’s reach and improves the quality of content we deliver.”

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