Criteo Finds Global Revenue Potential

Criteo Finds Global Revenue Potential

Advertisers are now able to drive performance advertising campaigns in new territories with Criteo’s expanded operations

Criteo, a performance advertising technology company, announced that it has enhanced its operational capabilities enabling advertisers to target consumers with individually personalised ads in over 130 countries worldwide. Criteo’s performance advertising solution is now able to deliver and rapidly scale multi-region campaigns for advertisers, significantly reduce time to market and help its customers capitalise on the billion-dollar revenue potential in new territories.

Through its enhanced prediction and recommendation technology, The Criteo Engine, Criteo is able to seamlessly deliver performance-based advertising campaigns in multiple regions simultaneously and cater to last minute requests by advertisers to ‘switch-on’ a new market, which together put Criteo in a position to open the door to new business opportunities with major international advertisers.

“We represent more than 600 brands, offer more than 20,000 products and have customers from all around the world. In 2012 we expanded into Europe, and as our customer base grows, it has become more important than ever to reach them instantly with the right product at the right time,” said Martin Corr, SurfStitch Marketing Director.

“Criteo’s personalised advertising allows us do this, regardless of where our customers live or what their lifestyles are, so that we can help drive conversion whether they’re browsing surfboards and wetsuits, or sneakers and jeans.”

Serving countries from Japan and Brazil to Andorra and Zambia, Criteo’s enhanced platform estimates the gross economic potential and consumer accessibility of each market, providing invaluable insight on when, where and how to run campaigns that yield the best post-click performance.

“Over 2 billion people have access to the internet worldwide. Harnessing the vast revenue potential is where the real return on investment for our clients lies,” said Eric Eichmann, COO at Criteo.  “It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to roll out five countries or fifty. Our technology can handle that kind of scale, without compromising on performance, and still delivering the analytics and measurement our clients trust.”

Advertisers can activate new markets quickly and as required. Many of the new countries now available are the markets of tomorrow in regions such as the Middle East, Africa, South America and South East Asia, all of which represent significant growth opportunities for advertisers.

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