B&T’s Tokyo Olympics Wrap: Tweets, Tape & Biting

B&T’s Tokyo Olympics Wrap: Tweets, Tape & Biting

The Olympics has continued to deliver distraction in these uncertain times, which might be why Aussies keep tuning in!

Peter Bol managed to win every Australian heart when he became the first Australian man in 53 years to make it to the 800-metre final at the Olympic games.

Bol’s story is quite irresistible. Bol didn’t even know running could be a sport until a teacher told him, and now he is at the Olympics. Who wouldn’t love him?

Bol’s entire family squished themselves into a Perth living room to watch the race, and we don’t just mean Mum, Dad and a few siblings, we mean about thirty people.

Sadly, Bol didn’t place and came fourth, but even though he didn’t place, Australians are still devoted to the sprinter.

Arguably, Bol is now more beloved than Ian Thorpe now, well maybe not Thorpey, but definitely Lleyton Hewitt.

In news that may make Lance Armstrong proud, the Danish cycling team have been called out for their use of medical tape.

The cycling team broke a world record and progressed to the next round of the competition. However, they have been criticised for their use of medical tape.

The medical tape was on all four riders and it was interestingly in the exact same spot on their bodies – on the left shin, just above the joint, which some people are saying is giving the team an advantage.

However, the Olympics Committee so far has not flagged this as a concern, and the danish team ended up being beaten by Italy in the finals.

Nevertheless, people on Twitter have weighed in.

Now, to news that may make Mike Tyson proud.

India’s Ravi Dahyia was bitten by his wrestling opponent, Kazakhstan’s Nurisalm Sanayev.

Sanayev appeared to bite Dahyia on the arm.

Incredibly Dahyia managed to recover from being bitten aka being treated like an actual piece of meat and won the wrestling semi-final.

Of course, you can’t bite someone and not end up making the rounds on Twitter.


In less controversial news, skateboarding debuted at the Olympics and the sport went viral purely because a lot of people on social media find the skateboarders attractive.

To be fair, the swimming has ended, so thirsty people online are in need of a new fix.

Social media erupted with fanfare.


Reply to @dgriff20 and their uniforms are SO GOOD! 🛹 #lgbtq #lesbian #gay #olympics #skateboarding #fyp

♬ original sound – Coco


#ColorCustomizer CHEFS KISS 🤌🏽🤌🏽✨ #jaggereaton #nyjahhuston #olympics #skateboarding

♬ santanny –

And finally, in sumo wrestling and horse news, yes you read that correctly.

A horse seemed to be spooked by a huge statue of a sumo wrestler, placed near one of the obstacles, during an Olympic equestrian event. 

In fairness to the horse, here at B&T, we believe that if we were horses, that had never seen a sumo wrestler before, we might also get spooked. 

Honestly, what could possibly happen next at the Olympics? 

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