Aussies Still Spending Close To A Billion A Year On DVDs

Aussies Still Spending Close To A Billion A Year On DVDs

Despite the arrival of a number of video on demand suppliers to the local market over the past three months it seems Australians can’t shake off their love-affair with owning the actual DVD for themselves.

The Australian today published figures that the DVD business in Australia was worth $980 million last year according to data it had gleaned from the Australian Home Entertainment Distributors Association Yearbook. It also found that the market for digital sales for screen entertainment was just $160 million over the past 12 months.

Which arguably proves one of two things – we Australians are very slow adopters of digital technology or very unimaginative when it comes to buying Christmas presents.

The study found that Australians bought 54 million DVDs last year. Although that certainly didn’t translate into good news for video shop hirers – in the six months to December 2014 some 400 video stores shut their doors nationally. And with the arrival of Netflix and its contemporaries things look even more damning for the local video hire store.

However, the report found things weren’t all rosy for DVD sales. Sales of the shiny discs have actually fallen back from a peak in 2009 of $1.57 billion. However, with more and more movies and TV shows swamping the DVD market the report predicted that sales would remain strong for the foreseeable future. Australians also appear to believe that they can get their favourite shows first on DVD rather than waiting for them to appear on pay TV and or SVOD.

In fact, the report found that DVD sales continue to represent the vast share of the revenue generated by the home entertainment industry in Australia. The top-selling DVD for 2014 was the kids animated flick Frozen, followed by The Lego Movie and Game of Thrones season three.

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