Aldi Says It Won’t Be Jumping On The Collectibles Or Loyalty Program Bandwagon

Aldi Says It Won’t Be Jumping On The Collectibles Or Loyalty Program Bandwagon

As Woolies and Coles ramp up their marketing efforts in an attempt to grab consumers’ attention and dollars, Aldi said it won’t be getting in on the action, calling the tiny collectibles an unnecessary cost.

The discount retailer’s customer service and communications director Adrian Christie told The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald it has no plans to offer the likes of collectibles or loyalty programs any time soon.

Christie said: “We are very focused on anything that adds cost and complexity that could jeopardise our business model and how we’re able to provide our prices,” adding, “We like to stick to our knitting.”

With over 540 shops across the country, the German chain is known for being different. However, that hasn’t stopped it from achieving incredible success since it opened its first store in Australia in 2001, reporting $9.2 billion in sales for the 2018 financial year.

While Woolworths and Coles are constantly trying to find new ways to attract the attention and dollars of consumers, Aldi has always been against loyalty programs.

And, while Christie said a rewards program wasn’t completely off the table for the retailer, he said introducing one involved cost, something Aldi would prefer to avoid.

Aldi also won’t be creating its own collectibles spin-off, like Woolworths’ popular Ooshies or Coles’ Little Shop, any time soon, despite the boost in sales such collectibles drive.

Christie said Aldi’s specials “do a good job” of “keeping customers interested.”

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