Ad photographer opens exhibition of passion

Ad photographer opens exhibition of passion

Advertising photographer Andreas Smetana is set to unveil his exhibition ‘Passion and Passion’ featuring half-naked men and women in a glass cross in Sydney next month.

Smetana, who lives in Sydney, said the exhibition “explores the duality of longing and suffering, and the appetite of desire”.

"The glass case encloses the form of the human stance of embrace and also of suffering, of bearing one’s cross,” he said.

“By placing the subject inside the cross, so they become ‘of’ the symbol rather than attached to it.  Essentially humankind is consumed by embracing life or desire or both."

Passion and Passion is showing at the Black Eye Gallery’s Suite 3 in Darlinghurst from September 10 to 19. The exhibition will travel around Australia over the next 12 months. 

As an advertising photographer Smetana created images such as the Chandon ad and the Leggo's artwork (both below).

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