Social Soup Launches First AI Integration Into An Influencer Platform With Amazon Rekognition

Social Soup Launches First AI Integration Into An Influencer Platform With Amazon Rekognition

Australian influencer marketing agency Social Soup has announced it has launched the first integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning into an influencer marketing platform.

Social Soup campaigns are now powered using the recently-launched Amazon Rekognition deep learning-based image analysis, uniquely adapted for influencer marketing.

The company has been adapting the Rekognition AI algorithm, digesting thousands of data sets to give it a unique analysis tool in the market.

Social Soup CEO and founder Sharyn Smith said: “AI is driving incredible disruption in the world of business, and we could see the enormous potential for analysing social influencer content to give us insights into which content drives the biggest engagement and why, at unprecedented scale.

“The benefits for our clients are huge. We can find a brand’s ‘content soulmate’ and better match the right content creators to campaigns. We recently completed analysis of 30,000 influencer profiles, and we now look beyond simple engagement levels to understand what types of content drive the biggest engagement.

“Machine learning is still only in its infancy, and our significant investments in technology have enabled Social Soup to take advantage early and adapt it for the influencer marketing space. Our clients are now benefiting from the most advanced analysis in the world.”

The AI-driven image analysis is now part of Social Soup’s live dashboards, giving clients get access to results in real time.

Smith has been invited to present a keynote address at Amazon’s AWS Summit this week on Thursday at the Horden Pavilion, where Social Soup will be demonstrating their influencer marketing platform and Rekognition AI integration.

She added: “Amazon are very interested in influencer marketing, and we are excited to be one of the first businesses globally successfully integrating the new AI platform and working in partnership to improve and adapt it for different social content.”

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