Olympikus Asks Public What It Thinks In New Campaign

Olympikus Asks Public What It Thinks In New Campaign

Brazil sportswear brand Olympikus wanted to see what people really thought about its shoes, embarking on three tests – The Real Blind Test, Experts Test and Fanatics Test – as a part of a campaign in Brazil.

The Real Blind Test counted with two paralympic athletes: Brazilian record holder Terezinha Guilhermina and the Chilean golden medalist Cristian Valenzuela, while the Experts Test happened in Jamaica with the professional runner Shavon Barnes, from the Racers Track Club, and in Japan, at the Boken Quality Evaluation Institute.


“We come from a real fact to build this project: Olympikus running segment has a technology that is similar to the main international brands. Based on this we’ve developed a test to prove it. We filmed four documentaries in Brazil, Japan, Jamaica and Chile that show real tests and that leave no doubt that Brazil has a brand that develops state-of-the-art running technology. To do > To say,” said Marcio Callage, DM9Sul CEO.

The Final Test project, which includes these three series of tests, is part of the company’s running products campaign, that had an investment of R$ 15 million, and was created by DM9Sul – a part of ABC Group. The project brings the Real Blind Test with two paralympic medalists: the blind athletes Terezinha Guilhermina (Brazil), and Cristian Valenzuela (Chile), Chile’s first paralympic medalist, tested the models Skin Change and Rio 2, from Olympikus, respectively, as well as other models from four other brand.

The second test, called the Experts Test, took Olympikus products to be tested in Jamaica, land of athleticism great champions, and Japan, the birthplace of technology. In Jamaica, the professional sprinter Shavon Barnes, from Racers Track Clubtested the Skin Change model, in the streets and in the tracks.

“It’s very confortable and has a good cushioning. I liked the ventilation, the footwear,” he stated. In Japan, the Boken Quality Evaluation Institute, a lab that performs high end technology tests to determine the quality and the level of performance of various products, tested the performance of the Faster 3, Beat and Skin Change models. Among the evaluated aspects there were Resistance, the cushioning, adherence and the flexibility. Overall, the sneakers had a good performance, with more than 70% of approval in the sum of all the subjects, with a special note to the Beat model, which as approved in 100% of the tests. To ensure the transparency and credibility of the Real Blind Test and the Experts test, Olympikus invited representatives of Brazil’s most important running magazines, to follow all the steps of the tests done in Jamaica, Japan and Brazil.

The third test, the Fanatics Test, was done in Brazil with amateur athletes, enthusiasts of other brands. Four people that use products from the main running brands were invited to test Impulse, Beat, Skin Change and Faster 3 Olympikus Models. After the tests, Vanessa Heineck Salgueiro, Mauro André June Paranhos, Catharina Cecato Conte and Gustavo Gubert Piccinini highlighted the characteristics that most pleased them in the tested models, such as comfort, lightness, cushioning, ventilation.

“From the beginning, the objective of the tests, and from the project as a whole, was to show that Olympikus new running collection has technology and attributes as good as the main brands of the segment. But, in a unique, transparent and impacting way. It isn’t the brand saying that it has high quality. It’s specialists, sprinters and athletes without any bond to the brand, talking about their perception after they’ve tested the products. They are the ones confirming that we are in the right track,” points out Pedro Bartelle, Marketing director of the Vulcabras|azaleia group. And he adds, “We are very proud of the results we have had so far.”


Agency: DM9Sul

Client: Olympikus

Title:  The Final Test Olympikus

CEO: Marcio Callage

Creative Vice-President: Marco Bezerra

Head of Art: João Pedro Vargas

Associate Creative Director: Everton Behenck, Rodrigo Pereira

Creation: Fabrício Pretto, Thomás Paiva, Rogério Chaves, Fernando Rihan

Planning: Luisa Bettio

Costumer Relations Director: Claudia Schneider 

Costumer relations: Ângela Sosa, Cecilia Martines

Project Manager: Camila Gonçalves

Media Director: Silvio Calissi

Media: Milena Bitencourt 

RTVC: Thiago Vanigli

Production: Mariene Braga, Gisele Pereira

Digital Producer: Santa Transmedia

PR: Mariella Taniguchi

Social Media: Anna Martha Silveira, Thais Sardá, Rafael Balsemão

Video Producer: Santa Transmedia

Film Director: Filipe Zapelini, Douglas Bernardt

Photography Director: Lucas Oliveira, Douglas Bernardt

Audio Producer: Fita and Coletivo 433

Photography: Fabiano Rodrigues, Daniel Marenco

Client Approval: Pedro Bartelle, Ana Hochscheidt, Katia Buriol, Daniela Ortácio, Marciele Fernandes 


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