Lexus Says It’s Created A Hoverboard! Or Have We All Been Hoodwinked?

Lexus Says It’s Created A Hoverboard! Or Have We All Been Hoodwinked?

It was 2015 that Marty McFly went back to the future to chase Biff’s grandson around on a hover board.

And now with the news coming from automotive company Lexus that it has created an actual hoverboard, Back to the Future fans may be able to joyously re-enact those iconic scenes, if this creation is true.

Lexus released a teasing trailer video for its hoverboard, however the video doesn’t actually include the guy zooming around on it.

The hoverboard, called SLIDE, has its own promotional section on the Lexus website. Besides the video though, the only extra info we get is: “Through the combination of design, technology and imagination… SLIDE is a perfect example of the amazing things that can be achieved.”

It seems not everyone wants to get their hopes up that this divine mode of transport has been created, and Lexus is being rather coy with releasing any extra details.

Upon the release of the video, Mashable suggested the lack of finite details, the inability to figure out what the surface in the video is and the smoke curling off the board, could mean just it’s one giant stunt.

“Finally, the video doesn’t show anyone actually riding the hoverboard, so this could all just be a promotional stunt designed to get eyeballs on Lexus,” wrote Mashable’s Adario Strange.

“So far, the company isn’t offering any more detail. But you know what? In this case, it doesn’t matter — the video alone is worth it.”


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