Brands Piggy-Back Off London Transport Chaos With #TubeStrike

Brands Piggy-Back Off London Transport Chaos With #TubeStrike

Major London transport system the Underground is currently striking, leaving thousand-strong throngs of people stumbling around trying to figure out how to get to where they need to go.

Even with the almost tear-inducing queues around England’s capital at the moment, many brands are trying to get in the thick of the conversation, piggy-backing off the hashtag floating around – #TubeStrike.

Check out some of B&T’s favourites below.


Deodorant brand Sure deodorant definitely got in the spirit of it, tweeting about it and taking out tactical ads around London.

sure_scooter sure_trainer sure_bike

Hailo Cabs

Wall’s Ice Cream

Jameson Whiskey


Innocent Drinks

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