UK Press Spoof New PM’s Husband “As His Big Fashion Moment Steals The Show”

UK Press Spoof New PM’s Husband “As His Big Fashion Moment Steals The Show”

Britain’s new Prime Minister, Theresa Day, has been in the job just 24 hours and already London’s cheeky tabloid press is having a dig at her husband (and media in general).

Pictured outside ‘Number 10’ with her husband Philip May, resisted the urge to hail the achievements of the UK’s second-ever female PM choosing to celebrate Phil’s dress sense instead.

The piss-takey piece came with the headline, “Theresa May’s husband steals the show in sexy navy suit as he starts like as First Man” and read: “Theresa May became Britain’s new prime minister, but her husband’s big fashion moment stole the show.

“Stepping into the limelight as First Man, Philip May showcased a sexy navy suit with a flourish of pinstripe,” the article extolled.

“Round glasses perched on his nose accentuated his amazing bone structure – no doubt one of the assets he used to help him to bag his wife.”

It then rounded on poor “First Man” Phil’s shoes. “Philip elongated his pins with a pair of black brogues as he accompanied his wife to step over the threshold of their new home – 10 Downing Street.”

Philip May is a successful merchant banker in London who reportedly can’t stand the spotlight nor the press.

It follows on from last week’s appalling Vanity Fair article on our own Margot Robbie.

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