Study: Americans Spent $55 Billion On “Drunk” Shopping In 2018

Study: Americans Spent $55 Billion On “Drunk” Shopping In 2018

Hey, we’ve all done some pretty stupid things after one too many drinks. But new research out of the US has shown pissed people with a credit card are a boon for retailers and, unsurprisingly, fast food restaurants.

According to the study by, Americans spent $US39.4 billion ($A55 billion) on spontaneous drunken purchases in 2018. That’s up almost $US10 billion from the previous year.

According to Finder’s maths, 26 per cent of respondents to the survey admitted to a drunk purchase in the previous 12 months. If you extend that to the US’ population, it works out to 53.4 million pissed shoppers spending an average drunken amount of $US736.

Drunk men spend more than women, averaging $US870 a year. Gen Ys averaged $1047, the Xers $469 and Baby Boomers at $466.

In 2017, the average drunk spend was $206, while last year it climbed to $448.

And what do drunk shoppers buy? Some 52 per cent of respondents admitted they’d lashed out on a take-away meal. A further 43 per cent had bought shoes and clothing, while 30 per cent had bought cigarettes.

Even better, 14 per cent admitted to having booked a holiday after one too many vinos and a staggering 10 per cent had purchased a car!

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