Smart Audio Report Finds 67 Per Cent Of Australian Smart Speaker Owners Use Devices Daily

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Research shows that 26 percent of Australians own a smart speaker and of those, 67 per cent use it daily and 88 per cent use it weekly.

This new data comes from the Smart Audio report by Edison Research and Commercial Radio Australia.

CRA chief executive officer Joan Warner said 59 per cent of smart speaker owners said they were listening to more audio since their purchase.

“The increasing prevalence of smart speakers in Australian households extends access to radio to more places and more devices and demonstrates that consumers value audio and are open to the increasing possibilities of voice assistant technology,” she said.

Twenty-four percent of smart speaker owners have three or more in their home. The average number of smart speakers in the household rose to 1.9 from 1.7 a year ago.

Sixty-one per cent of smart speaker owners plan to purchase another smart speaker in the future.

The study found that 42 per cent of Australians say they currently use a voice assistant such as Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Music, including from online services and radio, is the top use case with 65 per cent of smart speaker owners requesting this weekly, followed by asking for the weather (56 per cent) and asking a general question (53 per cent).  41 per cent of users request the news.

There is positive sentiment for voice assistants – 70 per cent of users said it makes their life easier and 41 per cent wouldn’t want to go back to life without assistants.

Nearly one in two Australians have used a voice assistant to interact with a brand, product or service or to start or complete a product purchase or repurchase.

Forty percent of smart speaker owners say they spent less time with other technology since getting their smart speaker. Nearly half of smart speaker owners who own a smartphone said they are using voice assistants on their phone more often since getting a smart speaker.

“Smart speakers have fundamentally changed the way people interact with media. The technology is influencing usage on other devices such as the smartphone,” said Megan Lazovick, vice president at Edison Research. 

“It is a good bet that the Australian population will continue to grow more comfortable with this technology and opportunities will grow for those in audio and advertising if they embrace smart audio too.”

The Smart Audio report involved a national online survey of 5,000 adults aged 18+ and was conducted from 19 April to 5 May 2021.  The research was commissioned by CRA and TalkVia and is available to download at

The Smart Audio report includes additional data from The Infinite Dial Australia 2021, also conducted by Edison Research.

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