More Murky Details Of The Worner-Harrison Affair Revealed

More Murky Details Of The Worner-Harrison Affair Revealed

The ongoing fallout from Seven CEO Tim Worner’s affair with ex-employee Amber Harrison continues to play out with new revelations of the affair and Harrison’s apparent misuse of company credit cards.

The Australian Financial Review is in possession of a 25-page document that details Harrison’s expenditure while she was employed at Seven from 2009 until 2014. It’s unclear how The AFR came in possession of the document but it has been reported it may have been leaked by a Seven employee.

Today’s allegation centres around hotel upgrades for Worner paid for by Harrison that contravene Seven’s own corporate governance.

The new allegations are hardly earth-shattering and could be simply a case of the Fairfax-owned AFR trying to one-up arch-rival, the News-owned The Australian, who published explosive new claims yesterday that Harrison had allegedly defrauded a previous employer.

According to the documents in The AFR’s possession, Harrison upgraded Worner’s hotel room when he stayed at The Crown Towers Hotel in Melbourne (pictured above) in 2013 and in doing so contravened Seven’s own $500-a-night limit. The stay was also a few weeks after Harrison admitted to starting the affair with Worner.

Many of the expenses for the trip, signed off by Harrison, were latter deemed “not agreed” (not approved) by Seven’s accounting department.

Worner’s trip to Melbourne was reportedly to attend the Australian Tennis Open despite the event having ended eight days previously.

Following the Melbourne trip, Worner sent Harrison a note on company letterhead that read: “Dear Amber, just a quick note to thank you for whatever it is you do to make these increasingly frequent trips to Crown more enjoyable. It’s like I am really someone all of a sudden.”

Harrison was busted for misusing Seven West Media credit cards running up a staggering $534,355 while employed as a PA at Pacific Magazines from 2009 until her termination in 2014. Of the monies, Seven allege $262,000 remains unaccounted for while Harrison admitted that $54,000 of it was for personal use. She had repaid some of the money.

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