FriendlyJordies Settles Defamation Case Out Of Court With John Barilaro

FriendlyJordies Settles Defamation Case Out Of Court With John Barilaro

John Barilaro has settled his defamation case against Jordan Shanks aka Friendlyjordies out of court.

The case that has launched numerous headlines and incited various Twitter threads has come to a surprisingly amicable end.

The Sydney Morning Herald, has reported that the ongoing court case has been resolved with Barilaro agreeing to drop charges against Shanks. After Shanks agreed to issue an apology and pay over $100,000 in court fees.

SMH also reported that Shanks has agreed he will no longer comment on Barilaro’s private life publicly, and he will stop selling merchandise that features the former politician.

Shanks will also edit the two videos, Bruz and Secret Dictatorship that incited the defamation claim, to begin with. Shanks does not have to take down the videos, though.

Interestingly, Shanks is not paying any money to Barilaro specifically, which has become usual in these types of defamation cases. For instance, recently Louise Milliagan was ordered to pay politician Andrew Laming over 70,000 dollars in damages.

Instead, Shank’s barrister Matt Collins read out the apology on his behalf, in court on Friday.

According to SMH, Collins said: “Mr Shanks accepts that some of the videos he posted were offensive to Mr Barilaro. Mr Shanks understands that Mr Barilaro has been hurt, and apologises to him for that hurt.”

Barilaro’s barrister then said she would file documents on Friday to put an end to the infamous case.

Shanks’ in typical Shanks fashion then took to Twitter to retweet a tweet that gives some insight into why he elected to settle with the former politician.

The tweet by Xenophon Davis alleged that Shanks chose to settle because he could not use the truth defence because of Barilaro’s parliamentary privilege.

The Tweet also reminded everyone that FriendlyJordies producer Kristo Langker is still facing criminal charges for allegedly stalking Barilaro.

Barilaro also took to Twitter to share his own statement about the end of the defamation case.

Barilaro said: “I am pleased that my defamation claims against Jordan Shanks has settled. I am grateful for and I accept Mr Shanks’ apology to me and trust that we can now each move on with our lives.”

Shanks replied to Barilaro’s tweet with, “How is Kristo meant to move on with his life?”

Barilaro has yet to respond, though he is continuing his defamation case against Google and seemingly going forward with his accusations against Langker.  To quote The Notebook, it’ll never be over!

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