Digital Degustation

Digital Degustation



Laser Guided Snooker Assistance

Imagine lining up a shot on a pool table and seeing exactly where your ball will end up with guided laser lines. Imagine the lines bouncing off other balls, cushion rails and changing depending on the angle of your cue. Three university students in Portugal have created this real game detection as part of their project, PoolLiveAid. See the prototype here.


Pig Rescuing Goat Viral Vid Turns Out to be a Marketing Stunt

A few months back a video of a drowning goat being rescued by a heroic pig at a petting zoo went viral. This week it was announced that the video was a part of a clever advertisement for ‘Nathan For You’, a US TV show starring Canadian writer/comedian Nathan Fielder who gives advice to real people and struggling businesses each week. This week’s announcement of the hoax forms the advertisement for the upcoming episode which will show how they used the video to generate buzz for the local petting zoo. For more click here.


Physicist Makes Oreo Cookie Separating Machine

Wieden+Kennedy has done it again. This time, with a short four minute mockumentary about David Neevel, a physicist and backyard tinkerer who has made an elaborate machine to perfectly separate the Oreo cookie from the creme. Complete with a hatchet splitter and precision creme router,in under a week this film has clocked up over 3.1million views.


HitBliss the Future of Ad Supported Content?

It’s surprising this hasn’t been thought of before – a website where you can watch any movie or TV show you want with the choice of payment or viewing three ads before hand. It works for brands as the site installs interaction in the ads to ensure you’re watching them, and it works for customers as everything is your choice, including which ads you watch. The company is called HitBliss and it aims to compete with credit cards and PayPal as an alternative point of purchase option anywhere around the web.


HealthSpot Station Allows Doctors to Remotely Examine Patients

In Australia we have a shortage of doctors in rural locations. With HealthSpot Station, we may now have a solution. Like its name suggests, HealthSpot Station is essentially a pop up doctor’s clinic where patients can walk in to the station and be treated by a doctor via video conferencing. Where this differs from a simple in home Skype call is that the station has specially made, self-service medical diagnostic tools built-in that the doctor can ask the patient to operate.

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