Sunrise Hosts Make Fools Of Themselves In Joke Interview With Kristin Davis

Sunrise Hosts Make Fools Of Themselves In Joke Interview With Kristin Davis

Hosts of Seven’s Sunrise have produced one of the most cringe-worthy on-air moments so far this year, launching into a disastrous Sex And The City skit with guest and star of the infamous show, Kristin Davis.

Davis is in town to present a keynote address detailing her experiences from a recent mission to the Congo with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, as part of her campaigning as ambassador for UNHCR.

Appearing on the breakfast show, Davis appeared shocked when host Samantha Armytage pulled out a hideous curly blonde wig to play along as Carrie. Video via Sunrise.

“You guys have seriously lost your mind,” she said. “Sarah Jessica [Parker, the original Carrie Bradshaw] is not going to be happy about this.” The pair were joined by fellow Sunrise anchors Edwina Bartholomew as a poorly played Samantha, and Natalie Barr in a red wig as Miranda.

The awkward scene aimed to portray the episode where Carrie is broken up with on a Post-It note by Jack Berger. When asked for her critical opinion by Barr, Davis aimed to be constructive without offending, something incredibly difficult given the embarrassing situation.

“I don’t know if that’s a great idea frankly. No offence. You’re very brave, you’re very brave. I give you kudos for bravery.”

“You’re not the one sitting here looking like Tina Turner,” Armytage responded briskly.

Prior to the skit, Sunrise had already peeved the celeb off by showing footage of her in the SATC movie suffering from diarrhoea on vacation, something she had not anticipated given the serious issues she was there to discuss.

“No, no, no, no take it off, no. No. You lured me here. We are not discussing that. Stop talking,” she yelled.

Davis was also pestered about the ages of her SATC co-stars, to which she responded, “I know the answer as does everyone else.  We’re not going to discuss age. That’s not nice. Stop it.”

Post interview, Sunrise had a Tweet with a behind the scenes shot of the group with Davis, asking “What’s going on here?”. Davis retweeted the comment, adding “I could ask you the same thing”.

Sunrise has since deleted the tweet, but social media has backed Davis and lambasted Sunrise for its poor behaviour.


Amrytage has promised not to pull the same stunt when she hosts a $200-a-head lunch in Davis’ honour to talk about UNHCR issues and her role as ambassador.


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