B&T’s Tokyo Olympics Wrap: Sexism, Cockiness & Hot Athletes

B&T’s Tokyo Olympics Wrap: Sexism, Cockiness & Hot Athletes

The Tokyo Olympics has captured the hearts of Aussies and the ratings are reflecting this love.

We even seem to be watching events we don’t win. Who knew there was more to the Olympics than swimming? Well, Aussies trapped inside their houses during a pandemic, now do.

So what has been happening this week besides athletes excelling in their sports, well…

Here at B&T, we honestly would love to know where men get the audacity.

Russian olympian, Vitalina Batsarashkina won gold in the women’s 10-metal air pistol competition, only for men on the internet to tell her she didn’t know how to hold a gun correctly.

Batsarashkina does have a unique way of holding a gun. In an ultimate girl boss move, Batsarashkina can be seen having her left hand in her pocket, while she takes aim.

A move I’ve never seen a man manage to pull off while paintballing.

However, men took issue with this ‘no f##ks given’ stance and took to the internet to suggest the gold winner was doing it wrong, and of course, they could do it better.

The mansplaining went down on Twitter.

A Viral TikTok has managed to sum up all of our feelings about Olympic athletes when the TikToker said “I’m obviously watching the Olympics just to support Australia.”


I’m having a great time #fyp #olympics #tokyoolympics2021 #australia

♬ original sound – Tobee Paik

Cue photos of handsome and beautiful athletes.

Considering people in Sydney can barely leave their houses, I don’t think it’s a large jump to say that perhaps the Olympics helps fill the gap – now you can no longer see your cute barista daily.

In heartwarming and heartbreaking news, Scottish sprinter Beth Dobbin gave a shout out to her best friend’s Mum, who sadly took her own life.

Dobbin came 5th in the 200m semi-final women’s race, falling to get into the finals but she came 1st at pulling on everyone’s heartstrings. 

According to Metro, she said; “Can I take this moment to shout out my best friend’s mum, Julie? She was an NHS nurse for 34 years and she sadly took her own life in June.

“She was a frontline NHS worker, it’s been a really, really difficult year with Covid and I’m just proud of myself I stuck at it and all the athletes on the team because it’s not been easy at all for anyone.”

In less flattering news, Jamaican running star Shericka Jackson has been called out for being a little too cocky during the heats.

Jackson, who just won bronze in the women’s 100m final, seemed to slow down during the women’s 200m heats. Jackson appeared to stop running before she hit the finish line, and then broke into what could be described as a brisk walk or a stroll.

Italian runner, Daila Kaddari who was still… um… running, ran past the bronze medalist and qualified for third place, ousting Jackson from the 200m final.

Channel 7 commentator Bruce McAvaney and former Aussie runner Tamsyn Manou, were perplexed by Jackson’s performance. Manou said, “She’s not even trying.”

Naturally, Twitter weighed in. 

Meanwhile, Canadian diver, Pamela Ware has opened up about her poor performance in the springboard semi-final.

The diver scored a 0.0 for her dive in the women’s 3m springboard semi-final. Her dive went viral because of how bad it.

Cue – every person on the internet thinking they could have done a better job.

Ware took to Instagram and said: “I am very proud of myself, this has been really difficult.

“What you guys see in the competition, is just a tiny factor in what we actually do, to get where we are.

“I was so ready for this competition and I made a mistake, it could have happened to anybody, but it happened to me at the wrong time.”


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Pamela Ware (@pamelaware1)

Honestly, the Olympics really does continue to deliver the goods.

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