Television Still Riding The Wave As Best Place For Brands To Advertise

Television Still Riding The Wave As Best Place For Brands To Advertise

Television is still one of the preferred source of entertainment for Aussie audiences, or at least that’s what new research from Deloitte is telling us.

Sitting on par with the internet and social media at 60 per cent, the telly beats out competitors such as radio (15 per cent), reading newspapers (17 per cent) or magazines (eight per cent), going to the movies (25 per cent) and playing video games (24 per cent).

A survey of more than 2000 Aussies showed that we love our TVs so much we spent almost 90 per cent of our time watching broadcast telly on actual TVs over laptops, smart phones and tablets.

“The audience scale and reach of TV advertising continues to be of value to advertisers in spite of – and perhaps because of – the increasingly fragmented media landscape,” the Deloitte report said, adding that 15 million people tune into commercial TV on TV sets every day.

As the survey also points out, there’s no better way for advertisers to hit their key targets than via commercial TV, reaching around 85 per cent of the total audience for both metro and regional, according to OzTAM.

BBM Analytics conducted a survey amongst Canadian consumers to determine the appeal of advertising on different platforms and surprise, surprise, TV dominated at over 40 per cent, with radio in second place at 14 per cent.

Ads on TV are also commanding more attention and are engaging more viewers. Millward Brown’s Ad Reaction study found that Australian multi-screen users pay more attention to the ads they see on a TV than on any other screen, while the silver screen nabs four times more attention that ads on Facebook.

An Ipsos survey of UK consumers found that ads on TV are by far the the most trusted form of advertising. And Nielsen’s recent Trust in Advertising global survey shows TV ads are the most trusted at 63 per cent.

Ipsos found that trust in TV was not only much higher than any other medium, but TV’s trustworthiness is actually increasing – growing 5 per cent since 2012.

And while social media is the latest ‘it’ kid of the digital world, it seems TV hasn’t quite left the building yet. Turns out, 29 per cent of Aussie social media users make comments about TV on their social platforms once or more times a week, proving a boon for brands trying to snag more consumers.

And when people see brands they’re keen on when kicking back watching the telly, viewers are multi-tasking and taking their ad knowledge online. Another study revealed that multi-screen users visit, browse and buy advertised products within moments of seeing a commercial on TV.

Australians are also more inclined to trust and listen to the voices coming out of their TVs, with 63 per cent listing it as an important influencer on purchasing decisions, followed by cinema ads at 47 per cent, and product placement at 46 per cent.

And a survey from the kids over at Nielsen also shows more than six in ten online Australians take action as a result of an ad seen on TV, making TV the most powerful advertising platform to drive a consumer response.

And finally, the best bit of news, the trend isn’t slowing.

According to Ebiquity UK’s highly acclaimed Payback Study, which looked at over 4,500 ad campaigns, found that TV continues to deliver the highest return on investment (ROI) of any form of advertising.

“TV has consistently demonstrated the highest ROI over a 7-year period, during a period of  unprecedented economic and technological upheaval and change. TV is continuing to demonstrate its value.”

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