Gotcha4Life & ScienceFiction Launch Mental Fitness Gym

Gotcha4Life & ScienceFiction Launch Mental Fitness Gym
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Gotcha4Life Foundation has launched Australia’s first online mental fitness gym via ScienceFiction. The launch will be supported by a campaign now live nationally across TV, outdoor, radio and digital.

A recent survey conducted by Gotcha4Life through its own community highlighted some startling insights into the state of mental fitness with 1 in 5 (20 per cent) Aussies feeling overwhelmed or struggling and 34 per cent indicating they are merely coping when it comes to their mental wellbeing.

“It’s high time we drew a line in the sand, with the number of Aussies taking their life increasing. We can no longer afford to wait until problems arise, or until someone is in distress. Prevention and education are key. We need to focus on building and strengthening our emotional muscles, the foundation of mental fitness. With dedication and practice, these muscles can be fortified, just like physical ones” said Gus Worland, founder & director at Gotcha4Life.

“The Mental Fitness Gym is a game-changer. It provides everyone, regardless of age, or location with the tools they need to take charge of their mental fitness and wellbeing. Together, we are working toward a world free from suicide, where nobody faces their worries alone, where everyone feels the strength to ask for help”.

The innovative online platform is free and set to transform the way individuals approach and improve their mental fitness by removing traditional barriers such as cost, geography and stigma to access support. The Mental Fitness Gym will strengthen Aussies’ emotional muscles today and every day.

The new approach will dramatically expand the number of people with equity of access to tools and resources to build their mental fitness, so they are equipped to navigate and get through, the inevitable ups and downs of life.

“The Gotcha4Life Mental Fitness Gym is a new model of self-care, providing free access to on-demand digital resources that help people proactively strengthen their mental fitness. The gym is evidence-based and has been designed with a humanistic approach, it’s welcoming and dynamic and aims to meet people where they are at, supporting them to strengthen their emotional muscles any time, any place” said Belinda Elworthy, CEO at Gotcha4Life.

“Most Australians recognise the importance of maintaining their physical fitness but understanding around the concept of emotional muscles is still very low. So it was clear that we needed to create a platform that could both educate and motivate people to begin their journey towards a more mentally fit future” Matt Arbon, creative partner at ScienceFiction said.

“Launching a project of this scale is no small feat, and it was only possible due to the dedication and passion of the Gotcha4Life team, as well as a diverse collective of partners, including agencies and ambassadors, who generously devoted their time to this worthy cause” said Alex Davidson, creative partner at ScienceFiction.

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