Ads On Wheels Launches New Campaign For Philip Di Bella & The Coffee Commune

Ads On Wheels Launches New Campaign For Philip Di Bella & The Coffee Commune

    Australian company Ads on Wheels will run a three month campaign for the coffee entrepreneur to promote his latest venture, The Coffee Commune.

    Di Bella created The Coffee Commune in April 2021 as a method for hospitality professionals and cafe lovers to collaborate and grow their businesses.

    The collaboration with app-based promoters Ads on Wheels comes after their recent entrance into the Queensland market, with over 200 vehicles out on the roads promoting various partners.

    Di Bella said: “We pride ourselves on doing things differently at The Coffee Commune and while we have tried different marketing tactics over the past year we feel we haven’t got the cut through or ROI that we expected.

    “We were super impressed with the Ads on Wheels concept and even though it is relatively new to Queensland we thought it would be a great way to get our brand out to a broad market. The opportunity to have a fleet of 10 privately owned vehicles with our Coffee Commune brand travelling around the north side of Brisbane at all hours of the day and night is really appealing.

    “We all know how invasive outdoor advertising has become and with Brisbane enjoying such a popular outdoor lifestyle I am sure these vehicles will be unmissable.

    “The other aspect which really impressed me was the vehicle tracking system which Ads on Wheels provides via a heat map where we can identify where each and every vehicle in our campaign has travelled at any time during the day or night. We also have a dedicated commitment for each of our ten drivers to undertake a certain number of kilometres each month so it’s very accountable.

    “I don’t know of any other media which can provide this tracking information and statistics so readily, it’s a great resource to have at our fingertips.”

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