“To The Polling Booth!” Vote Now For Your Favourite Good AZ Gold Ad & Get The Nation Vaxxed!

“To The Polling Booth!” Vote Now For Your Favourite Good AZ Gold Ad & Get The Nation Vaxxed!

Be it getting us to wear a seat belt, quit the fags, exercise more or even wear a condom, a well-made, government-funded PSA will not just change public opinion and bad habits, but they can become iconic in the process – think Norm’s “Life. Be In It.” or the Grim Reaper’s famous bowling balls.

But confronted with the greatest health pandemic of our times – the insidious COVID plague – the government’s recent lacklustre vax ads have sadly proven less jab and all prick.

That’s why B&T called on the very people who could change the mood of the nation and get a jab in the arms of every Australian – the good folk of adland, all via some clever campaigns.

A few weeks back we launched the initiative, the Good AZ Gold Ad Challenge, and agencies responded in droves.

Over the last week, we’ve showcased the very best entries (sadly, some were a little on the crude side and didn’t make the final cut), and now we want you to vote for your favourite spot.

It’s simple: just re-visit the almost 40 campaigns below and click HERE to nominate your favourite.

And if you wanted to help make your favourite idea the next great Australian public good touchstone, get in touch. Calling on all media channels, production houses or anyone who just thinks they can help. Grab us at all the usual B&T channels.


Creator: Felipe Pedroza

The idea here is to show a gathered group of people in what may look like a dramatic march for their freedom all we see is their backs, all with their sleeves up.  Then, showing them lining up at the entrance of the vaccination centres, and it’s not the angry mob it looked to be at the start.

Showing a list of locations where the marches will be taking place, these locations are the walk-in vaccination centres. Or, people can call now to book their next march.


Creator: Gem Harriss, The Media Store

A re-do of The Simpsons episode “Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie”, replicating that feeling of FOMO where Bart doesn’t see the movie while he gets the chance and misses out on seeing it until he’s old.

Because you didn’t get the jab promptly, you’re seeing the people around you go to that movie everyone is talking about, that amazing new restaurant, the music festival with the best line-up. Watching all the people around you doing whatever they want because they got the vaccine. Mirroring what is happening in New York and Paris, and potentially Sydney, where restaurants, bars, cinemas only permit vaccinated guests.

What if they implemented that tomorrow, and you didn’t have the vaccine?


Creator: Simon Derham, Thirst Creative

Check it out here.


Creators: Ron Mather and Christine Barnes, It’s The Thought That Counts

We are pleased to submit our campaign recommendation for a COVID vaccination campaign. Our campaign has been created by one of the industry’s most celebrated and awarded creatives, Ron Mather.

The campaign reminds viewers of the restricted lives they are living during lockdowns, and points out the frustrations and sadness of those restrictions. It then provides a solution that can release them from that world and those restrictions. And it’s a simple solution.

The powerfully emotive campaign, like most successful campaigns, identifies a problem and then offers a solution.

It’s a campaign that offers hope. A campaign that gives a beautifully simple call to action. A campaign that is optimistic.

It gives viewers a very clear scenario – live in a world of isolation and restrictions or get vaccinated and enjoy the freedoms we have, in the past, taken for granted.

The message is not hidden in complex production techniques or treatments. The visuals are strong and compelling.

We would have a soundtrack behind the radio and TV/video with a voice-over that calmly tells the story of the option we all have to give ourselves a safer life.

With our enormous experience in getting results for our clients, we are confident the “Vaccination Beats Isolation” campaign will deliver the cut-through and simplicity that will convince Australia’s to get vaccinated.

Click here to check out the TV element, here for the radio element, and here for the outdoor and digital element.


Creators: Brodie Evans and Nick Duron, Digitas

Insight: Fear and misinformation spread by online grifters and ‘health gurus’ is breeding vaccine hesitancy across Australia.

Idea: Let’s use Australia’s love of taking the piss out of tall poppies as the tool to disarm anti-vax influencers and break their algorithm-powered spell over Aussies.

Click here to check it out.


Creators: Brodie Evans and Nick Duron, Digitas

Insight: Aussies are struggling to keep up with mixed messages from politicians they don’t trust.

Idea: Let’s call upon the people we trust the most in times of disaster – frontline firefighters – to amplify our call to arms and put the preventative impact of vaccination into perspective.

Click here to check it out.


Creators: Tim Newton, Wunderman Thomson

Problem: Conspiracy theorists are causing massive damage and doubt around vaccination
and, unfortunately, no matter how logical or well-reasoned you are with them, they
just aren’t gonna listen. But there is one thing that they will listen to.

Idea: To convince conspiracy theorists around the world that getting vaccinated is the
right way to go, we’ll go to the one thing they believe in more than anything.
Conspiracies. In other words, we’ll release a conspiracy that out-conspiracies their vaccine conspiracies.

Click here.


Creator: Pernilla Thakur Lundqvist, student

Authorities’ communication of contradictory information, low accessibility and bad media have generated an unreasonable fear for vaccination, especially AstraZeneca. The current behaviour of the Australian population is hesitant and fearful towards getting vaccinated, especially amongst ethnic minorities.

Click here.


Creators: Abbie Dubin-Rhodin, Eric Franken and Irnin Khan, Leo Burnett

Check out the entry here.


Creator: Sarah Brighton, Ogilvy

Check out the entry here.


Creator: Joe Hawkins, Wunderman Thomson

Check out the entry here.


Creator: Josh Oakley, Floodlight Content

Check out the entry here.


Creator: Cal Harmer, Ogilvy

Check out the entry here.


Creator: Jason Hatcher, Wunderman Thompson

Check out the entry here.


Creator: Jason Hatcher, Wunderman Thompson

Check out the entry here.


Creators: Blanche McKie and Claudia Henderson, OKMG

Check out the entry here.


Creator: Chris De Santis

Insight: Some people aren’t on board with getting vaccinated against COVID-19, but that’s the only way that everything is going to go back to normal.

Media: Video, amplified on TV and social media. Radio as well.

Idea: Adults play the parts of school kids in a playground, discussing the ‘no hat, no play’ policy.

Script: Jimmy, an adult man dressed in a kid’s school uniform, sits on a bench under a tree as other uniformed adults joyfully play on the playground. Two uniformed adults approach him, with legionnaire hats on.

Man: Ha-haaa! Jimmy didn’t bring his hat!

Woman: What’s the matter Jimmy? Allergic to fun, are you? They chuckle at each other.

Jimmy: No, I just don’t want to wear it.

Woman: Why not? Everyone else is having fun. If you get a hat from the office, you can come play handball with us.

Man: Or tips, or handball!

Jimmy: That would be fun… But I don’t want to be made to wear something I don’t want to.

Woman: But, the sun’s out, you’ll get skin cancer if you’re not wearing a hat.

Jimmy: They haven’t really proven that I’ll get skin cancer, have they?

Man: …Uhh, yes they have.

Jimmy: Whatever Scott – your mum only brings you McDonald’s for lunch because she thinks you’ve got no friends.

Man: Nuh-uh, she thinks I’m special!

Jimmy: I prefer not to be forced to wear a hat by a totalitarian society anyway. Jimmy gets up and starts to run into the playground, shouting…

Jimmy: ‘Viva la revolución!’ Without even making it a few meters, a female teacher instantly intervenes.

Teacher: Hey! Sit down on that bench or you’re getting detention!

Jimmy quickly runs back to sit on the bench. The two students look at him.

Man: I don’t know what to tell ya, Jim. It’s no hat, no play – they’re the rules.

The two kids walk away.

Background blurs as text overlays: “No jab, no play. Book in your vaccination now, and we can all get back to normal.”


Creator: David Genius, Genius Marketing (not their real name or company apparently)

The concept is that the AZ vaccine is superior to the Pfizer vaccine. The Pfizer vaccine uses new mRNA technology that re-writes your DNA and is scary. It also shrinks your cock.

The AZ uses old-school traditional methods where the protein is injected directly. It’s like the spiritual naturopath version of Pfizer that even the hippies will love. See the following marketing material for more information.


Creator: Fiona Maher, freelance

Check out the campaign idea here.


Creator: Joe Hawkins, Wunderman Thomson

Check out the campaign idea here.


Creator: Nick Duron, Digitas Australia

Check out the campaign idea here.


Creators: Mads Catanese/Izzi McGrath/Annie Little/Stu Turner, The Royals

Check out the campaign idea here.


Creator: Nathan Bilton, The Works

Check both campaign ideas here.


Creator: Michael Tabet, looking for opportunities

The goal: To create the best ad for the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The target market: Australians who are on the fence or worried about taking the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The insight: Australians feel a sense of community when the going gets tough and like to help out when we can.

The rationale: Remind people that Australians need their help to get out of this mess, and the one way they can directly help is by getting their AstraZeneca shot.

The concept:

Narrated by iconic Aussie voice (maybe Chris Hemsworth).

VFX: News flashbacks of Australians helping restore houses during the floods and bushfires.

Narrator: Australians… we’re a pretty resilient bunch. And when the going gets tough we band together.

VFX: Close-up of bride looking at the back of her door with wedding dress hanging up next to a calendar with multiple dates crossed out, suggesting wedding has been postponed.

Narrator: At least we used to. But, how much longer are you willing to…

VFX: Wide shot of dancer practicing in their room while watching video of their live performance on the screen behind them.

Narrator: …sit by and let others wait through life-changing lockdowns…

VFX: Wide shot of shop front, then close-up of store owner holding a ‘closed for business’ sign in their hand, pondering whether to put it up.

Narrator: …before you do the one thing you can to help get us all out of this mess?

VFX: Wide shot of packed hospital waiting room, followed by a close-up of haggard nurses and doctors who look like they’re on the verge of breaking down.

Narrator: If getting to 80 per cent is our only way out of lockdowns and uncertainty… and AstraZeneca is our only shot…. then Australia, the power is in your arms.

VFX: Split shot –left-hand side is a shot of a man stuck at home by himself with a phone on his ear; on the right is a female worker at a Lifeline call centre.

Narrator: Will you do what it takes and step up for your fellow Aussies… before it’s too late?

VFX: Green and gold screen with CTA in bold in the centre of screen.

Narrator: Take one for the team and book in your AstraZeneca shot at 80forOz.com.au (80 is referring to requiring 80 per cent of Aussies vaccinated. Originally the website was jab4oz, but I think this might be a bit triggering for people).


Creator: Michael Tabet, looking for opportunities

The goal: To create the best ad for the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The target market: Australians who are on the fence or worried about taking the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The insight: Australians typically like to belong to something bigger than themselves to give them a sense of purpose and identity.

The rationale: Bring Aussies together and give them an intangible reward for taking the AstraZeneca vaccine – Aussie legendary status.

The concept:

Narrated by Celeste Barber

VFX: Iconic Aussie song in the background, possibly instrumental of You’re The Voice.

Narrator: What makes an Aussie legend?

VFX: Clip of two blokes having beers at the bar.

Narrator: Well, you can shout a stranger a beer at the bar.

VFX: Clip of female driver waving in her rearview mirror.

Narrator: Or you can wave in your rearview as you let in a car.

VFX: Clip of firefighters putting out fires on the back of a firetruck.

Narrator: You can help put out fires on the back of a truck.

VFX: Clip of woman checking in at the counter of her local cafe.

Narrator: Or support your local when the going gets tough.

VFX: Three-in-one split-screen clip of nurse (male or female), soldier (male or female) and farmer (male or female).

Narrator: You can keep us healthy, stealthy and fill up our bellies.

VFX: Clip of Karl Stefanovic in a fit of laughter.

Narrator: Or you can help keep us entertained on the telly.

VFX: Clip of shop attendant (male or female) pulling out change from their breast pocket and smiling at the customer.

Narrator: You can spot us at the counter when we’re short on change.

VFX: Clip of a person (male or female) holding up their umbrella for someone crossing the street while it’s pouring outside.

Narrator: Or you can offer your brolly when it starts to rain.

VFX: Four-way split screen of John Farnham with a mic, Jonathan Thurston kicking a winning goal in the grand final, Don Bradman hitting a six, and Cathy Freeman in her famous 2000 Olympics outfit.

Narrator: You can sing like Farnham

Kick like Thurston

Swing like Bradman

Or run like Freeman

VFX: Clip of person being prepped to get the vaccine with a smiling nurse (don’t show the injection as a lot of people have a fear of needles).

Narrator: But the best Aussie legends can take one for the team.

And book in your spot for the AstraZeneca vaccine.

VFX: Green and gold screen with CTA in bold in the centre of the screen.

Visit 80foroz.com.au (80 is referring to requiring 80 per cent of Aussies vaccinated. Originally the website was jab4oz, but I think this might be a bit triggering for people).


Creator: Sam O’Reilly, Samurai AV

This is one you may have seen on B&T before.

Sam O’Reilly owns the production company that made this. He shot, edited and voiced it himself.

VCOSS was the client with an external field producer, Zoe Daniel. This is a ready-to-go campaign, and the research has already been done that it beats the government’s campaign hands down.

Check out the campaign idea here.


Creator: Damien Hashemi, ARQ Group

Check out the meme-a-thon here.


Creator: Luke Williams, Wunderman Thomson Perth

Check out the campaign idea here.


Creator: Sarah Mould, The Core Agency

Check out the campaign idea here.


David Flanagan, P2 Content Creators

Check out the campaign idea here.


Creator: Jason Franklin, Jaffle Media

Watch the campaign below:


Creator: Nick Gill, Southern Cross Austereo

Check out the campaign idea here.


Creator: Karen Richards, Catholic Education

The ad would be a series of people saying ‘I’m doing it for you’ (e.g. a teenager to grandparent, a customer to a retail worker, a patient to a nurse). Each shows their injection Band-Aid. This is to appeal to our common responsibility to help each other.


Creator: Simon Collins, Collins + Partners

Watch the campaign below:


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