“Jacket Gate MK II”: Nine Reporters Laugh-off Wardrobe Similarities

“Jacket Gate MK II”: Nine Reporters Laugh-off Wardrobe Similarities

After the wretched PR Channel Nine received following its now infamous “jacket gate” fiasco back in January, you’d have thought network chiefs would be conscious about not letting it happen again.

However, things took a similar twist yesterday when Today show host  Sylvia Jeffreys and Brisbane weather reporter Jess Millward went to air in remarkably similar outfits.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 8.24.45 am

The duo managed to get through the segment before Jeffreys joked about the outfits saying, Safe to say Jess, neither of us will need our jackets over the weekend.” 

The pair joked about the comparisons to ‘jacket gate’ with Millward adding: Well, we’ve got two… I hope no one leaks what you said to me in the break.”

Trusty old Karl Stefanovic then joined the chinwag saying: “They’re not the same jackets are they?” To which Jeffreys responded sarcastically: “They’re exactly the same.”

And for those who don’t remember “jacket gate” the first time around, here’s a chance to reminisce in all its nastiness:


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