Infographic: 20% Of People Like Online Ads (While 42% Are Utterly Indifferent)

Infographic: 20% Of People Like Online Ads (While 42% Are Utterly Indifferent)

Digital advertising is experiencing a shift towards a multiscreen world, and despite increasingly available opportunities, user experience tends to be overlooked by brands and their agencies.

To better understand this opportunity, digital marketer Choozle recently conducted a survey to get a better understanding of how consumers felt towards the digital advertisements they see online. Respondents needed to have a smartphone and use ad blocking software.

You can read more about the results here.

The study tried to deduce what people did and didn’t like about online advertising. The major findings included:

Reasons Why Users Disliked Online and Mobile Ads:

  • They slow down the web and mobile page
  • The same ad is shown multiple times, regardless of the user’s interest
  • They take up too much space on the web page
  • They pop up on the screen and block the mobile page
  • It’s easy to accidentally click on the ad without knowing

Reasons Why Users Liked Online and Mobile Ads:

  • Exposure to new products
  • Ads are tailored and relevant to their specific interests
  • Saves them money with coupons or sales
  • Ads are for products they interested in
  • Ads keep apps free

Even better, all the top tier points of the study have been whittled down into this easy to read infographic meaning you can get the gist of the report in under a minute!



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