Google Beats Microsoft At Email

Google Beats Microsoft At Email

Google has won the email race, overtaking Microsoft’s suite of email offerings to become the most used email service. At least that’s according to the latest findings from Roy Morgan.

In a “distant third” is Telstra’s BigPond service.

The research company found that during a month 7.427 million Aussies used Gmail (Google’s email service) to send messages, compared to the 7.362 million using either Hotmail/Live/Outlook (Microsoft’s email offering). BigPond has a user base of 2.912 million. Yahoo is in fourth place, with 2.156 million.

While a bit of a blow of Microsoft, Roy Morgan noted the change has been a long time coming. Well, at least since 2012 when Google’s email service swelled to 3.5 million.


Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, April 2011 – March 2016 average annual sample n = 50,952 Australians 14+

Many of the free email platforms such as Hotmail and Gmail are supported by advertising, and yet despite the population’s growing concern over privacy, CEO Michele Levine, said people don’t worry about it when it comes to emailing.

“Nearly three quarters of Australians use one (or more!) of these big four email services in an average four weeks,” she said.

“Although nearly 70 per cent of Australians say they’re worried about invasion of privacy through new technologies, we use free email services knowing that our emails will be ‘read’ and advertising will be customised and tailored.

“Done well, this can work for both the advertisers, who want to target more accurately and cost-effectively) and users (who would prefer search results and ads are relevant.”.

Email marketing

Email is also a handy platform to get the message across, not just in display ads. There’s no shortage of research detailing the best practices of email marketing – basically don’t spam people – and the business benefits coming from it.

After monitoring the online retail chaos of Click Frenzy in May, data solutions company ReturnPath, found a number of factors marketers need to get their head around when pushing out EDMs (electronic direct marketing).

Shorter subject lines are best, use incentives and don’t capitalise everything – it offends readers.

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