“Corporate Hypocrites!” Alan Jones Urges Listeners To Boycott Former Advertiser Coles

“Corporate Hypocrites!” Alan Jones Urges Listeners To Boycott Former Advertiser Coles

Alan Jones has declared war on Coles, a former advertiser on his show, urging listeners to boycott the supermarket chain.

Yesterday morning on his breakfast show, Jones told listeners to give Coles a “very wide berth”, calling out its decision to stop advertising on his show.

In his lengthy on-air diatribe, Jones called the supermarket chain “corporate hypocrites” in a response to a letter Coles sent one of his listeners who questioned the grocery giant’s decision to pull advertising on 2GB following Jones’ Jacinda Ardern comments.

In the letter, Coles told the listener it “valued diversity, respect and actively promotes the rights of team members and customers”.

Jones blasted Coles for their hypocritical stance and for “ripping off dairy farmers”, calling out the chain for wanting “to occupy the high moral ground.”

He asked: “Is this the same mob who have been ripping off dairy farmers by screwing down the processor who then screwed down dairy farmers on the farm gate price. Is this the same Coles?”

Jones ended his segment by urging listeners to boycott Coles’ supermarkets and petrol stations.

He said: “I will bet you if my listeners had a choice between the value systems I practice on many fronts and especially in relation to dairy farmers they [would] choose me every day ahead of Cody at Coles customer care.”

He added: “My advice to Coles is to get your own value system in order before passing judgment about other people but don’t worry we can both play the same game.”

“And good luck to you by the time I’m finished.”

An advertiser review in the works 

Over 100 advertisers pulled their dollars from 2GB and Jones’ breakfast program following his comments about New Zealand PM Jacinda Arden.

And, just over two weeks ago, The Sydney Morning Herald reported it had received a letter from Macquarie Media chairman Russell Tate that was sent to disgruntled advertisers, promising a full review.

In the letter, Tate says Jones’ comments “fell below the community standards expected of us as a broadcaster”.

The letter read: “This incident has brought into sharp focus the need for all Macquarie Media broadcasters to ensure that the debate they bring to the microphone and the words they use are, at all times, respectful and reflect the standards expected today by our listeners, our clients, and the wider community.”

Tate noted that Jones had apologised for the comments that saw the network lose a reported $1 million of advertising.

According to media reports, Jones is now on a final warning and will be sacked for any further inflammatory comments.

Jones’ radio ratings success

However, if the recent radio ratings are anything to go by, perhaps Jones won’t be getting the boot any time soon.

While Jones’ breakfast show took a measly -0.3 per cent hit, he remained in the number one spot across Sydney’s breakfast spot by a long shot at 16.8 per cent overall audience share.

An article by The Australian has also shone a light on Jones’ unwavering popularity, with 409 mostly supportive comments (at the time of writing) about Jones’ ratings success.

Interestingly, most of the comments were written by men, with a few women also supporting Jones.

Here are some of the ‘best of’ comments.

“Well done Alan Jones. Sock it to ’em. There are too many mealy-mouthed politicians.” – PatrickJD 

“I agree with his original remark that she should put a sock in it and stop blabbering in such a hypocritical manner.” – George

“Could never stand the hypertensive female voice-over advertisements promoting Coles – a real bonus when the ads were withdrawn!” – Raymond

“Keep going Alan, we will continue to support you. The PC crowd can go to hell.” – Ronald

“What storm – how can a bit of good honest advice create a storm? long live Jonesy.” – Banjo

 “I would not have said it but what Jones said would only offend those who were determined to be offended……that said Adern is an absolute pain.  It will fun to see the Kiwis wake up when she thoroughly stuffs the place.” – Jane

“Of course we shrugged it off. We, of his audience, are NOT snowflakes.” – John

“The only people that cared about Alan’s comments re Jacinta Ardern was the outrage industry, the virtue signallers, bed wetters, lefties and greens. Alan should wear that outrage as a badge of honour, And the corporates that cancelled their advertising can rest in the knowledge that they have further alienated their products and businesses from the mainstream.” – Peter

“It’s no wonder Jones is the radio king – he speaks his mind, and his views best mirror what we silent majority think. Absolutely love the guy!” – Steve

“Awesome.” – Karen

B&T discusses Jones’ ratings success and what it means for the advertisers who pulled the plug on our latest podcast, which you can listen to here.



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