NAB and Blackmore's 'less, more' pushes

NAB and Blackmore's 'less, more' pushes

National Australia Bank has squished the Wicked Witch with its promise of ‘a little more give’ but the bank is not the only brand in market with the less versus more proposition.

Vitamin brand Blackmores has been actively pushing its ‘little less, little more’ work by Naked Communications for over a month.

A TVC (see both below) asks consumers what t hey would like a little more of and a little less of in their lives. The options include: “a little less indoors, a little more outdoors. A little less snoozing, a little more swimming. A little less drinking. A little more dancing.”

Blackmores has launched a site encouraging people to share their little changes, with a word cloud depicting the 5,000 plus pledges. It has also promoted the #littlelesslittlemore hashtag.

NAB’s promise of ‘more give, less take’ features a video collage of positive and negative events – such as ‘more’ over the footage of a surfer and ‘less’ over the footage of him falling and ‘less’ over a traffic jam. It also features famous goodies versus baddies such as Dorothy and The Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz.

In Melbourne, NAB’s headquarters have squished The Wicked Witch of the West with an installation that shows the evil cackler’s stockings and those famous red shoes (belo). Clemenger BBDO Melbourne is behind NAB's latest push, click here for more.

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