Watch: An Ode To Mentors – Episode Two

Watch: An Ode To Mentors – Episode Two

To celebrate International Women’s Day last week, B&T partnered with Adobe to host “An Ode to Mentors” lunch, where the leading female creatives for large brands and agencies gathered with their mentors.

BTW, the “An Ode to Mentors” lunch is an initiative of B&T’s Changing the Ratio – a bold new initiative to continue our mission of making equality and inclusion the norm in Australia’s communications industry and beyond. Grab tickets here.

During the lunch, we grabbed a few of the duos to ask them about inspirational female figures, what their best advice is and, most importantly, what they’ve learnt from one another.

We got some pretty good answers. So good, we’ve decided to create a series!

Today, see Barbara Humphries, creative director at The Monkeys, and her mentor; Esther Clerehan, CEO of Clerehan Pty Ltd, reflect on what they’ve learnt from each other and what their best tip for women would be. Watch more below.




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