Vegemite Unveils Twice-The-Price “Premium” Blend 17. But Is It A Wanky Con?

Vegemite Unveils Twice-The-Price “Premium” Blend 17. But Is It A Wanky Con?

Australia’s most iconic spread, Vegemite, has undergone an upmarket transformation with the release of a new premium Blend 17 range.

The new Vegemite comes in a striking gold jar and reportedly retails for twice the price as the usual stuff. A 150 gram jar will cost around $7 and it will have a limited run of 450,000 jars.

You can also check out a short promotion video on the company’s Twitter account.

And what makes Blend 17 so special? Not a great deal apparently.

According to makers Kraft, the 2017 version is “richer and sweeter” but is basically made of the same stuff as the original but has been blended differently.

“Vegemite Blend 17 has been crafted for a richer Vegemite experience with a bolder finish,” the makers said in a statement.

Apparently the name, Blend 17, is a nod to the original maker of the famous spread, Cyril Callister, who went through several test spreads before he got his creation right way back in 1923.

“Blend 17 takes some of these earlier recipes to bring this richer, bolder taste and the naming is simply in recognition of the year we have been able to bring this to Australians,” it said.

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  • Lucio Dias Ribeiro 2 years ago

    Hey guys, not Kraft any longer – Bega now.

  • John Bastick 2 years ago

    Whoops! Our bad…


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