Type + Pixel Bring Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream To Life Via Snapchat

Type + Pixel Bring Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream To Life Via Snapchat

A national digital campaign from Brisbane’s Type + Pixel that uses Snapchat’s new community Lens Studio Technology has been credited with delivering Baskin-Robbins’ most successful product launch in over a decade.

The ‘Unleash Your Inner Creature’ campaign, which wrapped up this month, was designed to drive awareness of the brand’s playful new character-themed ice cream range, Creature Creations.

Inspired by the personality of the products, which the agency also helped to develop, Type + Pixel built a series of four custom-built Snapchat lenses to bring each creature to life.

The mermaid, unicorn, yeti and monster lenses were supported by a geotargeted Snapad campaign, influencer engagement strategy, digital marketing spend and mobile-optimised campaign microsite. A 30 second TVC featured across YouTube pre-roll and in cinemas nationwide.

It marks the first time the brand has invested in Snapchat as a platform, signaling both its intent to appeal to a younger demographic and create more engaging experiences for customers.

Type + Pixel founder Darren Walls said the campaign was a natural progression of the agency’s work on repositioning the Baskin-Robbins brand.

Walls said: “Over the past year we’ve been rolling out a new direction for Baskin-Robbins Australia designed to bring back the wonder and showcase the brand’s more playful side. The overwhelming popularity of the lenses and overall success of the campaign shows that customers are responding well to this fresh approach.”

National Marketing Manager for Baskin-Robbins, Julian Casa, said the success of Creature Creations has far exceeded expectations.

Casa commented: “The interactive nature of the campaign has really struck a chord with guests and inspired them to engage with the products on a much deeper level, contributing to our most successful product launch in over ten years.”

Based on the success of the Australian launch, Baskin-Robbins’ international brands in Malaysia, the US and the United Arab Emirates will be replicating the range in their respective markets.

Watch the spot below.



Creative Agency – Type + Pixel

Social Media – Foxed Glove

Media Agency – Alpha Digital

Animation – Hotel Lima

Baskin-Robbins Australia – Julian Casa, National Marketing Manager

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