Laura Walls

I’ve been helping brands to tell their stories and hawk their wares for over 15 years now – both here in Australia and across the pond. The majority of those years were spent in agency-land, where I learned the art of working at breakneck speed while still putting out award-winning work. I also learned a lot about strategy. What it really means, and how it underpins every truly great campaign, idea or piece of work. My background is in public relations, where I specialised in consumer PR strategy and worked with some of the country's best known brands, from Westfield and Cadbury through to Tourism and Events Queensland and Red Bull Racing Australia. These days I class myself as more of a storyteller. Put simply, I help brands to harness the persuasive power of words, shaping them into stories that compel audiences and change behaviours. www.typeandpixel.com.au
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