The Trade Desk Takes Subtle Aim At Google And Facebook In New ‘Media For Humankind’ Campaign

The Trade Desk Takes Subtle Aim At Google And Facebook In New ‘Media For Humankind’ Campaign

Ad-tech platform The Trade Desk has launched a new campaign accentuating how it differs from Facebook and Google.

The company highlights the four pillars it believes can help “transform media for the benefit of humankind” in the campaign.

They are: ‘Independence’, ‘Reach’, ‘Objectvitiy’ and ‘Open’.

Speaking on the campaign, The Trade Desk CEO, founder and chairman Jeff Green stressed the importance of an ‘open’ advertising ecosystem.

“When we first started a decade ago, major global advertisers were starting to demand an alternative to the emerging tech giants that were stamping their authority on media with a ‘walled garden’ approach to content and data,” he said.

“We saw an opportunity to build an open, competitive alternative to the walled gardens — to provide a data-driven approach to digital advertising which gives advertisers complete transparency and allows them to optimize their spend across the open internet.

“Ten years in, the market is starting to gravitate to our way of thinking.

“Global brands want to drive maximum value from their digital ad campaigns by moving more spending to the open internet.”

He added that an open internet is the “only way” the advertising market can move forward as digitisation continues.

The Trade Desk CMO Susan Vobejda spoke of the 18-month journey that went into the campaign.

“We wrote our mission as: “Transforming Media for the Benefit of Humankind.” And then we shortened it to a tagline: “Media for Humankind”,” she explained.

“It’s a hugely aspirational brand statement. But at our core, it’s what we stand for and what drives everything we do.

“Our launch comes at a time when the vitality of the open internet is more important than ever.

“There are growing concerns about the transparency of the information that tech platforms share with marketers.”


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