Top 100: Amazon Usurps Apple As Millennials’ Favourite Brand

Top 100: Amazon Usurps Apple As Millennials’ Favourite Brand

Famed US branding agency Mooyslvania has unveiled its annual list of Millennials top 100 favourite brands with Amazon usurping Apple for the number one spot.

The 2019 list (which you can read in full below) was developed as a result of a national survey which asks consumers (now 19-39 years old) to identify their three favourite brands. The list has been a benchmark on consumer preferences for seven years.

Norty Cohen, Moosylvania’s CEO added: “Over a six year period, the top 100 list was led by Apple at number with Amazon holding the number four position. This year, we saw Amazon take over as number one.”

“Consumer expectations are changing,” adds Cohen. “Preferences continue to change as the role of brands evolve.” Cohen added that consumers now expect four things:

  • Quality – whether it be from a national advertiser or a retailer owned brand
  • A brand name experience – which can be easily created by large or small brands
  • Convenience – quick delivery and ease of use
  • A believable story – one that they can relate to and share with friends and family in person and socially

Additionally, Moosylvania’s 2019 research shows:

  • People choose to participate in brands they like – 50 per cent say their favourite brand provides an activity
  • Communities can form around brands – 44 per cent say their favourite brand creates a connection
  • People organically support brands that share their values– 57 per cent agree that their favourite brands supports their personal values and lifestyle


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